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Display Multiplication Table With A Command Line

If you forgot your multiplication table and happen to have a terminal window opened in Linux¬† at the time, here’s the command to use:

seq 9 | sed ‘H;g’ | awk -v RS=” ‘{for(i=1;i<=NF;i++)printf(“%dx%d=%d%s”, i, NR, i*NR, i==NR?”\n”:”\t”)}’

Same thing using perl:

perl -e 'print join "\n", map {$a=$_;join "\t",map {$_."x$a=".$a*$_} (1 .. $a) } (1 .. 9)'

Here’s the output:

1x2=2	2x2=4
1x3=3	2x3=6	3x3=9
1x4=4	2x4=8	3x4=12	4x4=16
1x5=5	2x5=10	3x5=15	4x5=20	5x5=25
1x6=6	2x6=12	3x6=18	4x6=24	5x6=30	6x6=36
1x7=7	2x7=14	3x7=21	4x7=28	5x7=35	6x7=42	7x7=49
1x8=8	2x8=16	3x8=24	4x8=32	5x8=40	6x8=48	7x8=56	8x8=64
1x9=9	2x9=18	3x9=27	4x9=36	5x9=45	6x9=54	7x9=63	8x9=72	9x9=81

Source (in French): http://www.tux-planet.fr/afficher-les-tables-de-multiplication-en-ligne-de-commande/

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