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linaro-android-tools Scripts Upgrade Android Kernel & Initrd via ADB

With Linaro 13.01 release, Linaro announced linaro-android-tools (aka Kernel Update Tools), a set of tools to improve development time for kernel developers. Today, they published a blog post explaining those scripts allow developers to update the kernel without having to take out the SD card from their development board, and instead update the firmware via ADB with a PC connected via the network or USB.

Currently there are 2 shell scripts:

  • update-android.sh – To update kernel files in boot partition such as boot.tar.bz2, single files (e.g. uImage) or kernel modules.

    update-android.sh [--serial|-s serial] [--partition|-p boot-partition] <boot.tar.bz2|uImage|board.dtb|...>
    Update the kernel files in the boot partition of the specified
    android device with the specified boot.tar.bz2 file
    update-android.sh [--serial|-s serial] kernel-source-directory
    Push all the module files in the specified kernel directory
    into the /system/modules directory of the specified android device

    For example:

    ./update-android.sh out/target/product/pandaboard/boot.tar.bz2
  • update-uInitrd.sh – To update files in the initrd

    update-uInitrd.sh [--serial|-s <serial>] [--partition|-p <boot-partition>] [--target|-t <target-file>] <source-file>
    Update the target file in uInitrd of the specified device
    with the specified source file
    When the target file is not specified, will update the file in
    the root directory that has the same file name of the source file

    For example:

    ./update-uInitrd.sh /tmp/init.rc

Those 2 scripts are available in Linaro git repository:

git clone http://android.git.linaro.org/git-ro/platform/external/linaro-android-tools.git

Currently the scripts only support Pandaboard, Origen, Versatile Express, and Versatile Express A9 boards,but they could be easily modified to support other boards supporting linaro packages.

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