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  1. Paul
    February 23, 2013

    That’s cool, please keep us posted on this technology!

  2. cnxsoft
    February 4, 2014

    There’s a recent paper (189 pages) entitled “TV WHITE SPACES – A PRAGMATIC APPROACH” that could be interesting.

    Link: http://wireless.ictp.it/tvws/book/tvws.pdf

    Table of content:

    1. Introduction

    Part I – Advocacy
    2. Geo-Database Management of White Space vs. Open Spectrum
    3. Regulatory Issues for TV White Spaces
    4. Spectrum and Development
    5. New cognitive radio technologies, white spaces and the digital dividend in the Brazilian context
    6. Policy-based Radios
    7. TV white spaces: Managing spaces or better managing inefficiencies?
    8. The role of TV white spaces and dynamic spectrum in helping to improve Internet access in Africa and other developing regions

    Part II – Technology
    9. White space broadband on the isle of Bute, Scotland
    10. Cognitive Radio and Africa
    11. The weightless standard
    12. Overview of white space standards
    13. Green power for rural communications
    14. Low cost spectrum measurements.

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