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Embedded Linux Quick Start / Tutorial Videos

Free Electrons recorded some videos from the Embedded Linux Conference Europe, in Cambrigde, United Kingdom on October 2010 by Chris Simmonds, the founder of 2net Limited, a UK company providing training, consultancy and custom software for Linux and other embedded platforms.

The videos can either be downloaded in webm HD format at or you can watch them in HD format below.

The PDF slides for the three parts and the lab notes are available at

The first video (53 minutes) deals with the following key points:

The second video (1h19m) focuses on:

The last video (1h07m) is more practical as it shows how to use embedded Linux on an NXP LPC3250 Stick (ARM9):

If you want to try what they did by yourself on LPC3250, the USB stick (69 Euros) can be purchased at and the COM board (69 Euros) at eHitec is just one of the suppliers, you may also find it somewhere else.

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