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Generate a Custom ARM Rootfs Easily with Rootstock

You may need to generate your own rootfs for your ARM target board, but do not want to cross-compile all libraries manually. You can achieve this with rootstock, a utility that generates Ubuntu armel rootfs tarballs and/or qemu image, to be uncompressed onto a root device.

First install roostock:

sudo apt-get install rootstock

Then generate a rootfs with the required libraries:

sudo rootstock –fqdn beagleboard –login cnxsoft –password temppasswd \
–imagesize 3G –seed xfce4,gdm,pkg-config,python,perl,g++,bison,flex,\
libxslt1-dev,libxml2-dev,libbz2-dev  –dist natty

Here are the details of the command line parameters:

Alternatively you could also use an existing rootfs, run it in your board or in qemu, install the required libraries (with apt-get) and copy the libs back to your development PC.

List of packages to install

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