Rockchip Unveils RK3066 Dual Core Cortex A9 Processor

Rockchip announced the RK3066 processor featuring a dual core Cortex A9 with a quad-core Mali-400 GPU and the company is currently showcasing tablets, e-Readers and set-top boxes powered by RK3066 at Hong Kong Electronics Fair on 13-16 April, 2012.

Information is sparse, but I managed to find more information on Engadget China website which shows the key features of RK3066:

Rockchip Dual Core ARM Cortex A9
Rockchip RK3066
  • Dual Core A9 + Quad Core GPU
  • 2 banks, 8/16 bit Nor flash / SRAM interface
  • 8 banks, 8/16 bit async NAND flash, LBA NAND flash and 8-bit sync ONFI NAND flash, all up to 60-bit hardware ECC
  • 2 GB space for 2 ranks, 16-bit / 32-bit DDR3-800, LPDDR2-800 and LVDDR3-800
  • 3 channels SD/MMC interface to support MMC 4.1 and SD3.0
  • 2 channels TFT LCD interface with 5 layers and 3D display with resolution up to 1920×1080
  • HDMI 1.4 to support [email protected] 3D video
  • 2 channels 8-bit CCiR656 interface and 10-bit/12-bit raw data interface
  • Audio interfaces: 2 x 2ch  I2S/PCM, 1 x 8ch I2S/PCM interface and SPDIF interface
  • 1x USB OTG 2.0 interface and 1x USB 2.0 Host interface
  • 10/100M RMII interface
  • High-speed ADC interface and TS stream interface
  • Peripheral I/F: 5x I2C, 4x UART, 2x SPI and 4x PWM.
rk3066_box_v1.0 development board
Rockchip RK3066 Set-top Box Reference Design

Rockchip also announced the RK31xx single core Cortex A9 processor family which should be available in Q2 2012, as well as the RK32xx quad core A9 processor family available in Q3 2012. Both processor should be manufactured using 28nm technology where as the RK3066 is still using 40nm manufacturing process.

At the lower end, Rockchip introduced the RK2906, a cut-down version of ARM Cortex A8 RK2918 without HDMI.

You can watch charbax video below to see Rockchip RK3066 (and other processors) tablets, set-top boxes and e-Readers at the HKDTC electronics fair and learn a little more about the new Rockchip processors.

Products based on RK3066 should start mass production next month.

You can go to Rockchip website if you want, but all you’ll find about RK3066 is an invitation to visit their booth at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair…

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