Zero Devices Z902 mini PC Can Now Be Pre-ordered for $75

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Zero Devices Z902 is an upgrade of Zero Device Z802 (virtually identical to MK802) mini PC powered by AllWinner A10, with 1 GB RAM, a total of 3 USB ports (1 USB Host and 2 mini USB ports) and an HDMI male connector.

The device will eventually sells for $89, but the company currently offers the 500 first pieces for pre-order for $75 US including shipping via Asiapads. The company expects the first batch to be shipped by the end of August (25th to 31st).

The package includes a micro USB to USB (male) cable, a microUSB to USB (female) adapter, an HDMI female to male cable for those who can’t or don’t like connect the device directly in the TV, and a mini CD with a user manual in English.

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  1. @Karl
    Yes, Telechips TCC8925 devices are cheaper but more difficult to hack. The firmware also seems to have more problems (for now) than A10 devices.

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