Iteaduino Lite is an $8 Arduino (Mostly) Compatible Board (Crowdfunding)

A few months ago, Borderless Electronics sold a $12 Arduino Leonardo clone ($9 + $3 shipping), and a Chinese company called Itead Studio, which also makes Iteauino Plus board (AllWinner A10), has just launched an Indiegogo campaign for an $8 Arduino “nearly-fully-compatible” board, and yes, that includes shipping.

The board is similar to Arduino UNO, but with a different MCU in order to reduce costs:

  • MCU – Logic Green LGT8F88A @ 16MHz with 8KB flash (0.7KB used by bootloader), 1KB SRAM, and 504 byte EEPROM.
  • Operating Voltage  – 5V / 3.3V
  • Input Voltage – Recommended: 7-20V, Limits: 7-24V
  • Digital I/O – 14 pins of which 6 provide PWM output.
  • Analog Input – 6 pins
  • DC Current per I/O – Pin80 mA
  • DC Current for 3.3V – power supply 250 mA
  • USB – microUSB for power, programming and debugging

Arduino Uno is based on Atmel ATmega328, but this baord uses LFT8F88A, which is similar to ATmega88A. You can read a comparison with ATmega88A. ATmega328 comes with 32KB flash, 1KB EEPROM, 2KB SRAM, whereas LGT8F88A features  8kb flash, 504 bytes EEPROM, and 1KB SRAM.

LGT8F88A Block Diagram

According the company, the board also features some extra features such as 3.3V & 5V compatibility, lower power consumption thanks to a DCDC circuit, and extra I/Os. The schematics are available for download in PDF format.

The board can be programmed with Arduino IDE 1.0.5, but not 1.5.x, which needs to be patched to support Iteaduino Lite.

An $8 pledge will get you one Iteaduino Lite, but if you are ready to order in quantities, i.e. 40 pieces or more, the price per unit falls to $5 including shipping. The board will ship with 2x 2.54mm 8pin female header, 1x 2.54mm 6pin female header, and 1x 2.54mm 10pin female header that you have to solder yourself. Delivery is expected for January 2014. However, parcels will be shipped via Hong Kong Post or China Post by airmail without registration, so you won’t get any tracking number. In my experience, this type of package is somewhat likely to never arrive to your location. Another option is to use DHL, but it’s only available for 20 boards or more.

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9 Replies to “Iteaduino Lite is an $8 Arduino (Mostly) Compatible Board (Crowdfunding)”

  1. Campaign page says “All SMD components on the board will be welded in advance”. That’s “welded”, yes. Wow.

  2. So apart from $1.50 difference, advantages over the ~$9.50 Leonardo boards on Aliexpress are dual voltage, lower power consumption, extra IO? (If it arrives 😉

  3. @Joe
    I recently was in US, and saw typos *everywhere*, including in menus, street signs/boards, and presentations of CEOs of high-profile companies. So, I no longer think that Chinese are that particularly bad at English.

  4. @Tsvetan
    +1, there’s already something good from this company ;-). I myself thought that they can’t get beyond 8051 on MCU side. Whoa! 😉

    Speaking of vendor, Iteadstudio is more or less known and reputable. They always did stuff with added features and sanity, like support for 3.3v. My one and only Arduino was exactly from Iteadstudio, and I just can’t believe all those level conversion chores people undergo with “official” arduino and its 5v supply from 1980s.

  5. 1kb sram vs 2kb sram
    8kb flash vs 32kb flash

    yes, it is cheaper, but you can’t run in the iteaduino the same sketches you run in the arduino.

  6. @MC
    Yes, the ram and flash size limit of the running code, we are listing a list to show which library can be run in Iteaduino Lite and which can not. But this chip cost less than $1 and it may be suitable for many small project , and just see the Iteaduino Lite as a Demo Development Board 🙂

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