Transform Your Smartphone into a Projector for $24

Cheap Android projectors cost more than $200, and I’m not sure you can really expect a clear and bright pictures at this price. But there’s now an easy and inexpensive way to transform your phone (or tablet?) into a projector thanks to a kit comprised of a cardboard box, a magnifying lens, a stick pad, a few other accessories that I found on DealExtreme for $23.49, but very similar kits are also available on Ebay or Aliexpress.

Smartphone_Cardboard_ProjectorAll you have to do is to follow the assembly instructions provided, start a movie on your phone, and place the phone in the box.

Some useful data about the kit:

  • “High quality” glass lens with 8x magnification
  • Self assembly, glue is not included
  • Dimensions (Assembled) – About 21cm (W) x 11cm(H) x 17cm(D)
  • Max dimensions for Phone – 8cm x 14.5cm

At first, I thought this is probably just garbage, and it cannot possibly provide a bright and clear image. So I went looking for a video demo, and I came across the video below which explains how to make your own, and shows the results with an iPhone at the mark, and it does not look too bad. However, since it’s not an adjustable lens, you’d have to move the box to focus the image, and the image size will be fixed.

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‘I thought this is probably just garbage, and it cannot possibly provide a bright and clear image.’ Me too! Re lens quality, I think Chinese lenses for use in eyeglasses are now pretty good, perhaps this uses overstock of those?

Note to bargain-hunters: the similar Google Cardboard clone VR sets rapidly went from >$20 to <$5; this will likely do the same.