BLOMC ONE is a Linux IPTV/OTT Set-Top Box Compatible with Stalker Middleware Portal

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Infomir MAG boxes are popular for people running their own IPTV network with content managed using Linux servers to store media files and run Stalker open source IPTV middleware portal developed by the company. A new company has now launched a competing set-top box compatible with Stalker called BLOMC ONE.

BLOMC ONE specifications:

  • Processor – Unamed 667 MHz CPU with LQFP144 package
  • System Memory – 2Gbit (256 MB) DDR3 memory
  • Storage – 16 MB flash
  • Video Output – HDMI 1.3 port up to 1080p, AV (CVBS)
  • Transport Stream & Profile Level – MPEG-4, H.264, H.265, MPEG-2 [email protected],MPEG/AVC
  • Audio – S/PDIF output, HDMI, and AV
  • Audio Decoding – MPEG1 Layer I&II, MPEG4 AAC, and MPEG4 AAC-HE (AAC+), Dolby Digital(AC-3), MP3, WMA
  • Connectivity – Ethernet (RJ45) port
  • USB – 2x USB 2.0 host ports
  • Misc – RS232 connector, IR expansion port
  • Power Supply – 12V/1.5A; standby Power – 0.5 watts max.
  • Dimensions – 137mm x 103mm x 29mm

The company informed me that BLOMC ONEC and ONES models are also coming with respectively a cable and satellite tuner. You’ll find the firmware for the box on the company website’s software page, which is upgradeable via USB mass storage. The video below explains the simple procedure to configure the box to connected to your Stalker portal.

BLOMC ONE can be purchased for 57,02 on JASAT Multimedia website. However, while searching for a 667 MHZ CPU with LQFP144 package, I found the box is also known as Maxytec i100, compatible with both Stalker and Xtream Codes, and a Maxytec i100 S2 model already includes a DVB-S2 tuner. If you already own one of those Stalker compatible STBs, you should be able to watch IPTV on other devices with StalkerTV Android app or Kodi together with the Stalker Client add-on.

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FYI; there is also a Stalker Middleware client available for Kodi / XBMC

This PVR addon for Kodi allow any hardware running Kodi ti act as a Stalker Middleware client.

This enables you to use Kodi’s PVR interface (including EPG GUI) for Stalker Middleware.

So FYI you just run Kodi on a Raspberry Pi as a Stalker Middleware as client with this addon.


Kodi does not only run on a Raspberry Pi


So this is just another “high end” ( usually you get 8 MB flash and 64/128 MB RAM) satellite receiver sold here for more than double the Alibaba/ AliExpress price !

Don’t think this model can run Kodi, but can certainly run various “Open” distro updates of Enigma2 ( Linux JeOS for satellite TV) with one of those Sly GUIs ( clones of the official Sky Broadcasting interface) that also run IPTV with Stalker and other middleware.

Still cheaper than those Android Boxes with DVB-S2, but hey why not buy from Ali at half price? Just search for ” satellite receiver IPTV.”

The motherboard with PSU with these specs cost maybe $10-12 on Alibaba. The whole set for $22 on AliExpress.

Funny enough the specs here are almost same as for the newish $5 Omega2 board with pinouts for Ethernet and USB, without the DVB-S2 tuner.

So how much would a standalone tuner cost? Anybody know?




with xtream codes works only through stalker API …. but very soon Xtream codes will have proprietary api and middleware with their own boxes … and only infomir mag , e2 and xtream codes own box will be supported 🙂


i think i download a wrong software on blomc one,,,and now not get any picture,,anyone can help about this please?? any recovery software we can put on usb switch on the box and fix this problem?? thanks


No Way, a jtag flashing would be needed…but also need the right “pin’s” being attached…no other solution and the producer will not tell you, based on my experiences…