How to Overclock Raspberry Pi 4 to 2.0 GHz

Yesterday I played with my new “ICE Tower CPU cooling fan”  for Raspberry Pi 4 which cools the board just great but is clearly over the top. Regular reader and commenter m][sko mentioned it was possible to overclock Raspberry Pi 4 to 2.0 GHz after a firmware upgrade. That looks like a perfect task for my new fansink! I’ve upgraded both the firmware and operating system: [crayon-6287678020920573181753/] then edited /boot/config.txt as root (sudo) to add the following lines to boost the maximum frequency to 2.0 GHz: [crayon-6287678020925654163050/] Do not try to set force_turbo=1, as while it would allow to further boost the voltage, it will change a fuse in the chip, and it will void your warranty. We can now reboot the board to validate the settings, and check those are applied: [crayon-6287678020927685876415/] Good. At idle the frequency is lower, but that normal: [crayon-6287678020929855131105/] Voltage is set to 1.0335V: [crayon-628767802092b245056670/] […]