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Lenovo Enters the SBC Market with Leez LP710 RK3399 Board

It’s always interesting to look into mainline Linux changelog either to find out about new software features, but also new hardware platform. And earlier today, I wrote about Linux 5.4 release, I noticed comments about “Leez RK3399 P710 SBC“.

After searching a bit, it turns out it’s a single board computer by Lenovo, which the company apparently showcased at World Mobile Congress in Spain last February. Leez is apparently a team part of Lenovo.

Lenovo Leez P710 board specifications:

There’s very little info on Lenovo website, which also lists another board – Leez P515 – powered by a Texas Instruments Sitara processor. But we get many more details on Github at least for Leez P710 board. That’s where I got more detailed specifications, and we can find the firmware files and tools for the SBC such as Android 7.1 & 9.0, as well as Debian.  Schematics and other resources are also available on that page.

The board may target the Chinese market, but I could also notice it for sale on Aliexpress for about $140 shipped, including heatsink and WiFi antenna. You’ll also find bundles with various accessories including a debug board, camera module, 4G module, or 10.1″ touch screen display.

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