TSMC to Start Mass Production of 3nm Chips in 2022

TSMC provides an update to its process technology roadmap at the Online Technology Symposium and OIP Ecosystem Forum with the 5-nanometer (N5) technology having entered mass production earlier this year, and an enhanced N5P version coming in 2021 offering further speed gain and power improvements, followed by N4 process (also 5nm) starting “risk production” in Q1 2021. But the most interesting part was looking ahead to 3nm and 2nm process technologies. TSMC’s N3 (3nm) process aims to provide a 15% performance gain, up to 30% power reduction, and logic density gains up to 70% over N5. N3 will rely on 13.5nm extreme UV (EUV) technology and be first used by UK based AI chip designer Graphcore. Their current AI chip – Colossus Mk2 Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU) – is built on 7nm with 59.4 billion transistors, and the next 3nm chip should have over 100 billion transistors. Anandtech managed to […]