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Windows 10 capable Rock Pi X SBC Launched for $59 and Up

Radxa unveiled Rock Pi X intel SBC powered by an Intel Atom x5-Z8350 processor over a year ago with a starting price of just $39 making one of the cheapest Windows 10 single board computer together with Atomic Pi, but the latter is not super convenient to use.

What’s new is that you can now buy Rock Pi X SBC, but not quite for $39 since the board has been redesigned, and instead, you’ll find the 4GB RAM/32GB eMMC flash model (Rock Pi X B4E32) for $75 on Seeed Studio, but if you can do with 2GB RAM and 16GB flash storage, AllNetChina has stock for $59 plus shipping. Those are the so-called model B boards with WiFi and Bluetooth, as well as support for an optional PoE module.

Rock Pi X model B specifications:

Rock Pi X 1.4 Model B

The specifications have changed since last year with the eMMC flash being soldered directly to the board instead of having a removable module found in Rock Pi X v1.3 or earlier, and the MIPI DSI/eDP display port and MIPI CSI camera interface have been removed from the specs. However, we can still see an LCD connector on the top right corner of the photo above.

If you intend to run Windows 10 on the board, you’ll need to buy Rock Pi X with 32 GB or more storage capacity. Ubuntu 20.04 should work fine with just 16 GB, and other lightweight distributions will have no problem running on 8 GB storage. Want more technical details about the board and getting started guides? Head over to the wiki.

Thanks to Jim and j_c for the tip.