Google Fuchsia Operating System Gets its own Developer Website

Fuchsia Documentation

Google has been developing Fuchsia open source operating system based on Zircon kernel for several years. It’s still unclear what’s the end goal. Will it replace Android or/and Chrome OS, ditching the Linux kernel for Zircon in the process? We don’t know, and Google claims its an experimental endeavor. Only the future will tell. We’ve had access to the source code since 2016,  but Google has now launched a dedicated developer website for Fuchsia: This is year 2019, and Google being a Western company it should not be surprising the first part of the documentation is a Code of Conduct, but there’s also plenty of technical documentation with a glossary, getting started guide, building instructions, an overview of the OS, code samples, and instructions to contribute either by testing or submitting changes to Gerrit. Fuchsia is strictly a 64-bit operating system at this stage with support for Arm64 and x86-64 ISA only. If you want to test drive Fuchsia …

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Amlogic S905D2 Quad Core Cortex A53 Processor Coming Soon with Google Fuchsia Support


Earlier today, I wrote about the latest version of USB Burning Tool, and noticed added support for Amlogic “905D2” processor in the changelog. I had heard about Amlogic S905X2, but S905D2? Never. I could find information in some recent Buildroot/Linux release notes, and as one would expect it’s another quad core Cortex A53 processor, and likely an update of S905D processor targeting set-top boxes with multiple independent tuners. Amlogic S905D2 specifications known so far: Processor – Arm Quad Cortex-A53 at up to 1.896 GHz GPU – Arm Dvalin MP2 GPU (Likely meaning Arm Mali-G31MP2) Memory I/F – DDR3/4, LPDDR3/4 Security – TrustZone & TVP Video decoding – 4K H265, VP9, and AVS2 Video Encoding – 1080p H264 H265 Video I/F – HDMI-Tx up to 4K2K, CVBS Ethernet – 10/100M/1000M IP License – Dolby, DTS There’s no mention about TS or DVB,  but it appears the processor may be clocked faster likely due to a newer manufacturing process – just like …

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