FOSSASIA 2019 Schedule – March 14-17

FOSSASIA 2019 Schedule

As its name implies, FOSSASIA is a Free and Open Source Software  event taking place every year in Asia, more specifically in Singapore. I first discovered it last year, and published a virtual FOSSASIA 2018 schedule last year to give an idea about the subjects discussed at the event. It turns out FOSSASIA 2019 is coming really soon, as in tomorrow, so I’m a bit late, but I’ll still had a look at the schedule and made my own for the 4-day event.  Thursday – March 14, 2019 10:05 – 10:25 – For Your Eyes Only: Betrusted & the Case for Trusted I/O by Bunnie Huang, CTO Chibitronics Security vulnerabilities are almost a fact of life. This is why system vendors are increasingly relying on physically separate chips to handle sensitive data. Unfortunately, private keys are not the same as your private matters. Exploits on your local device still have […]

Zymkey is a Hardware Security Module for Raspberry Pi Board

Zymkey Raspberry Pi Security Module Blockchain

Microchip ATECC508A CryptoAuthentication chip appears to be a popular way to add hardware encryption support to development boards, as we’ve seen previously with 96Boards’ Secure96 mezzanine or LoRa explorer kit, and even just earlier today with Analoglamb Fish32 Seed ESP32 education board. Another solution is from Zymbit which provides Zymkey security modules for Raspberry Pi based on the ATECC508A CryptoAuthentication chip in different form factor: either a USB stick, an I2C module, or for further integration into your own design, an SMT component. Zymkey enables multifactor device ID & authentication, data encryption & signing, key storage & generation, and physical tamper detection. It also features a secure element root of trust, a real-time clock, and a true random number generator (TRNG). The company provides a simple Python or C/C++ API to make it easier to add Zymkey support to any Linux application, and the secure module can  be integrated with […]

20-Hour Free Blockchain Training Course from the Linux Foundation

If we believe all the talk on the internet, blockchain technology will change the future by offering an ultra secure way to store all sort of data, and as we’ve seen with the IOTA tangle previously,  it should impact all types of sectors and applications including the Internet of Things. So even if it is still early it might be worth learning more about the technology,  and the Linux Foundation, which normally offers course from a few hundred dollars to several thousands dollars, is also offering a free blockchain training course entitled “Blockchain: Understanding Its Uses and Implications“. You’ll get 20 hours of video content and transcript, and can learn on demand at your own pace. Course outline: Chapter 1. Introduction to Blockchain – This section covers some of the technical aspects that comprise a blockchain and explain why blockchain is different and “works” in comparison with technologies of the […]

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