Mele Android Set-Top Boxes At China Sourcing Fair 2013

The Mele A1000 and A2000 based on AllWinner A10 have been relatively popular last year, and recently Mele A1000G Quad has been unveiled with AllWinner A31 quad core Cortex A7 processor, and there was talk about a  Dual core version as well. Charbax has shot 3 videos at Mele stand at China Sourcing Fair in Hong Kong earlier this month, so I’ve got a bit more news to share. The first video shows the Mele A1000G Quad with a 2.4Ghz remote (which must be Mele F10 Fly Mouse). We don’t really learn much more than we already know,  but we can see the device is action with a 3D game controlled with the “Fly Mouse”, and the new “Metro” style user interface. This STB is currently running Android 4.1, but an upgrade to Android 4.2 is expected in June. The device will be available in May for about $110 retail, […]

Allwinner Showcases A20, A31 and A31s Devices: Tablets, Phablets, Mini PCs, Projectors, Laptops, Development Boards…

Charbax is now at the China Sourcing Fair in Hong Kong, meeting and interviewing lots of Chinese companies. One of the company I’ve been following is AllWinner because of their low cost ARM Cortex processors, found in many Android devices, which somewhat support Linux. In the video below, we first learn they have shipped 1 millions A31 in the last 4 months, A31s and A20 processors have been available since the end of March for phablets, and A20 price is supposed to be very close to A10. So products based on AllWinner A10, could be upgraded to AllWinner A20 for just a few dollars more as both SoC are (nearly) pin to pin compatible. By the way, if you’re interested in the Cubieboard, you may want to see this. We then go through lots of devices based on AllWinner SoC, albeit too fast to get much details, but the list […]

Sunlike UMPC-1021: 85 USD AllWinner A10 Based 10.2″ Android 4.0 Netbook

Sunlike, a Shenzhen-based manufacturer, showcased their UMPC-1021 Android 4.0 netbook at the China sourcing fair last week. This netbook is powered by an AllWinner A10 (ARM Cortex A8) processor with 1GB RAM and 4GB flash and features a 10.2″ LCD display (but not a touchscreen), a 1.3MP front camera and a 2100mAh battery. Here are the specifications of Sunlike UMPC-1021 Android netbook. CPU AllWinner A10 @ 1.2 GHz Operation system Android 4.0 ICS or WinCE Memory 1G RAM Storage Device 2/4/8G NAND Flash LCD 10.2″ PANEL 16:9 wide screen. 1024×600 Resolution LAN 10/100M Ethernet WIFI 802.11b/g USB Port 3x USB 2.0 Host External Storage SD Card Slot Build-in camera 1.3 MPixel Audio Build-in stereo speaker Microphone Dimensions 280 x 189 x 25 mm Battery 7.4V 2100 mAh – 3 to 5 hours usage The company also explains that this netbook can be used for 5 hours with the “default” 2,100 mAh battery, but they can extend that to 10 hours with a 4,000 mAh battery. Watch the video below to see […]