Zotac PI330 Cherry Trail mini PC Supports Dual Monitor Setups with HDMI and DisplayPort Outputs

Several low power Intel mini PCs coming out of Chinese manufacturers support dual monitor setups, but usually they combine HDMI and VGA with models such as Vorke V1 or MeLE PCG03. Zotac PI330 mini PC powered by an Intel Atom x5-Z8500 processor offers instead dual independent display support via HDMI and DisplayPort connectors. Zotac PI330 hardware specifications: SoC – Intel Atom x5-Z8500 quad core processor @ 1.44 GHz / 2.24 GHz) with 2M Cache and Intel Gen8 Graphics System Memory –  2GB LPDDR3 Storage – 32GB eMMC flash + micro SD/SDHC/SDXC card reader Video Output – DP1.1a, HDMI 1.4b Audio – DisplayPort, HDMI and 3.5mm headphone/microphone combo jack Connectivity – Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 USB – 1x USB 3.0 Type-C, 2x USB 3.0 port Misc – Power LED, Power Supply – 5V/3A Dimensions – 115 x 76 x 20.7 mm The fanless mini PC is pre-loaded with […]

DisplayPort 1.4 To Support 8K Displays over USB-C, 4K@120 Hz, 32 Audio Channels

Just as 4K UHD televisions are getting more affordable with prices ever closer to their Full HD equivalent, the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) has published DisplayPort 1.4 specifications with support for 8K QUHD (7680 x 4320) resolution, High Dynamic Range (HDR), video compression and more. Some of the key enhancements or new features of the new specifications include: Up to 8Kp60Hz HDR deep color and 4Kp120Hz HDR deep color Display Stream Compression (DSC) – DSC 1.2 natively supports YCbCr 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 coding, and offers nearly lossless 3:1 compression ratio Forward Error Correction – FEC, which overlays the DSC 1.2 transport, addresses the transport error resiliency needed for compressed video transport to external displays. HDR meta transport – HDR meta transport uses the “secondary data packet” transport inherent in the DisplayPort standard to provide support for the current CTA 861.3 standard, which is useful for DP to HDMI 2.0a protocol […]

More Details about Rockchip RK3399 Cortex A72 SoC: 4K H.264/H.265/VP9, USB 3.0, PCIe, and DisplayPort

We already knew Rockchip RK3399 was going to be a powerful processor with two Cortex A72 cores clocked at up to 2.0GHz, and four Cortex A53 cores teamed with a Mali-T860MP4 GPU. The processor was also said to support 4K H.265 video decoding up to 60 fps, HDMI 2.0 video output, and Gigabit Ethernet. But the company is now at Mobile World Congress 2016, and has disclosed more details. Some of the newly introduced features include: Multi-media 4K @ 60fps 10-bit H.265/H.264/VP9 video decoder 1080p video encoding with H.264 or VP8 Display HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 1.4/2.2 DisplayPort 1.2 and eDP 1.3 with PSR (Panel Self Refresh) Dual channel MIPI-DSI Camera – 8MP ISP, dual channel MIPI-CSI2 External Interfaces 2x USB 3.0 ports with type-C support PCIe 2.1, 4 lanes, 5Gbps per lane 8 channels TX/RX audio for playback and record Embedded low power MCU for other applications (power control?) […]

MeegoPad T09 Cherry Trail mini PC Features a USB Type C Port with DisplayPort, Data & Power Capabilities

MeegoPad T01 was one of the first Intel based TV Stick, having launched months before Intel’s own Compute Stick, and over the last couple of years, the company has introduced a dozen of Intel Bay Trail and Cherry Trail mini PCs and TV Sticks. MeegoPad has now unveiled three new Cherry Trail devices with MeegoPad T09, MeegoPad T10, and T05 Pro. While the last two models look more of the same with MeegoPad T10  mini PC, and MeegoPad T05 Pro TV stick powered by Intel Atom x5 processors with 2 to 4GB RAM, and 32 to 128 GB storage, I find MeegoPad T09 more interesting with a thin form factor with an Ethernet port, and a USB type C connector that supports data at USB 2.0 speeds, DisplayPort over USB-C, and USB Power Delivery. MeegoPad T09 specifications: SoC – Intel Atom x5-Z8300 or x5-Z8500 quad core processor with Intel 12EU […]

CubieTruck Plus Development Board with DisplayPort & HDMI Sells for $84 (in China)

We first found out about CubieTruck Plus (aka Cubieboard 5) this summer, and while at the time we did not have the full details, it was clear from the board picture and name, that is was an update to CubieTruck board, replacing Allwinner A20 dual core processor by Allwinner A8 octa-core processor, and ditching the VGA port for DisplayPort while keeping most of the same features of the original version. The company has now provided more details while announcing the launch of the board in China, and it turns out CubieTruck Plus has a few more advantages, and at least one drawback. CubieTruck CubieTruck Plus SoC Allwinner A20 Allwinner H8 CPU Dual core Cortex A7 up to 1.08 GHz Octa core Cortex A7 up to 2.0 GHz GPU Mali-400MP2 PowerVR SGX544 up to 700 MHz Memory 2GB DDR3 Power [email protected] power jack Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45) WiFi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 […]

Numato Opsis is an Open Source Hardware FPGA Board with 6 Video Inputs and Outputs (Crowdfunding)

Numato Lab is a Bangalore based company specializing in MCU and FPGA boards such as the low cost Mimas V2 Spartan 6 board, and their latest board is also based on a Spartan 6 FPGA, but a more powerful part with LX45T FPGA, and targets video applications with two HDMI inputs, two HDMI outputs, one DisplayPort output, and one DisplayPort input, among other interfaces. Instead of simply listing specifications of Numato Opsis, I’ll reproduce a table – drawn by Numato – showing Opsis features and specifications against some other FPGA video platforms. Opsis miniSpartan6+ Mixxeo Atlys Nexys Anvyl CVK 2.0 AVDB Make Numato ScarabHardware M‑Labs Digilent Digilent Digilent TED OmniTek License Open Open Open Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Cost USD $349 USD $105 no stock USD $419 USD $499 USD $539 USD $2,995 USD $999 FPGA Fab Xilinx Xilinx Xilinx Xilinx Xilinx Xilinx Xilinx Altera Family Spartan‑6 Spartan‑6 Spartan‑6 Spartan‑6 Artix‑7 Spartan‑6 Spartan‑6 Cyclone V Part LX45T […]

Artway W8 Plus is a $100 Mini PC with HDMI and DisplayPort

Most mini PCs with Intel Atom Z3735F only come with HDMI output, while a few others feature both HDMI and VGA like MeLE PCG03, but if you need a cheap mini PC with both HDMI and DisplayPort as found in Intel NUC, Artway W8 Plus is worth a look especially since it sells for just $99 on Aliexpress. W8 Plus specifications: SoC – Intel Atom Z3735F quad core processor @ 1.33 GHz (Bust freq: 1.83 GHz) with Intel HD graphics System Memory – 2 GB DDR3L Storage – 32 GB eMMC  (16, 64 or 128GB optional) + micro SD card slot Video Output – HDMI 1.4b, and DisplayPort Audio I/F – HDMI, audio out and mic in jacks Connectivity – 10/100M Ethernet, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi (RTL8723BS or AP6330), and Bluetooth 4.0 USB – 4x USB 2.0 host Misc – Power Button, RTC Power Supply – 5V/2A Dimensions – 107 x […]

Connect a 9.7″ Retina Display (iPAD 3/4) to Your Computer via a DisplayPort Adapter

One way to connect an extra Retina (2048×1536) display to your computer is to purchase Adafruit Qualia 9.7″ DisplayPort Monitor for $224.95. But in case your budget is limited, you could combine an old iPAD 3/4 display with AbuseMark 2048×1536 LCD to DisplayPort Adapter for 3,500 JPY ($29 US). If you don’t have an old iPAD, or would rather not dismantle your “old”-but-still-useful iPAD, you could purchase LG LP097QX1-SPC1/2, LG LP097QX1-SPA1/2/V, or Samsung LTL097QL01-W01 LCD panels instead for about $80 on Amazon US (LP097QX1 / LTL097QL01). If you live in Japan, AbuseMark also ships a complete kit for 12,000 JPY.   Key features listed for the board: Video Input – DisplayPort Display Connector – 51-pin 0.3mm pitch FPC connector STM32F103CB 32-bit Cortex M3 MCU with native USB for firmware update and power/brightness/etc control Dual TI TPS61187 WLED drivers Power – USB or 5V-powered (separate connector) / 1.35A total current draw. Buck […]

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