D9+ DLP Pico Projector is also a Dock for iPhone 6

There’s an embarrassment of choice if you plan to purchase a small projector, but D9+ DLP pico projector is quite peculiar, as beside a male HDMI input port, it is specifically designed for iPhone 6, and works as dock adding a projector to the Apple phone, but also extra USB ports and a headphone jack. D9+ pico projector specifications: Projector – 854 x 480 Pixels; 80 Lumens ; 2000:1 contrast ratio; Lamp life: 30,000 hours Video Input –  HDMI male connector for DVD player, laptop computer, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, etc.. Audio – 3.5mm audio jack USB – 2x USB ports Battery – 2400mAh lithium-ion battery. Dimensions – 17.50 x 9.00 x 2.50 cm Weight – 199 grams Certificate – CE,FCC,PSE The projector ships with a USB cable and a power adapter, but it does not include the 8-pin digital AV adapter necessary to connect the iPhone 6. It’s unclear […]

Beam Android Projector Fits into Any Light Socket (Crowdfunding)

Four years ago, Seco showcased a prototype of a light bulb integrating a picoprojector and running Android, so you could fit it on the socket on your ceiling or compatible lamp. Now a company is planning to launch an Android projector that fits into E27, E26, or Bayonet light sockets called Beam. Beam projector specifications: SoC – Dual core processor @ 1.3GHz System Memory – N/A (1GB?) Storage – 8GB storage Projector LED pico projector; Currently 854×480 resolution, but it may be upgraded before the product ships ANSI 100 lumens 20,000 projection hours Max projection size – 120″ widescreen Throw ratop – 1.6:1 meaning at 1.8m, the project size will be 1.1m. Lamp function: 12 LED lights Audio – 2W stereo speakers Connectivity – 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 Light socket – E26, E27, or Bayonet via included adapter Power Supply – 110VAC to 240VAC Dimensions – N/A The version […]

EPICT EPP-100 Android 4.2 Mini Projector

EPICT EPP-100 is a tiny Android 4.2 device with features similar to many Android mini PCs or set-top boxes, and is based on AllWinner A20 SoC with 512MB RAM and 4GB Flash, but the features that makes it different is a  35-lumens pico-projector capable of outputting an 80″ picture. Here are the specifications of the devices listed on Pandawill: SoC – AllWinner A20 Dual core ARM Cortex-A7 Dual-Core with ARM Mali-400 MP2 GPU System Memory – 512MB RAM Storage – 4GB NAND Flash + micro SD card slot (Up to 32GB) Projector – Resolution 800 x 480, 35 Lumens, Up to 80″ Connectivity – Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth USB – 1x USB 2.0 Host, 1x micro USB OTG Audio – 3.5 mm jack for headphone Power – Standby Time: Up to one week Dimensions – 68 x 62 x 57mm Weight – 210g (without the stand) The package includes a […]

Promate LumiTab Android Tablet Features a DLP Pico-Projector

Back in 2011 & 2012, we saw some Android products with a pico-projector, including a lightbulb running Android, but pico-projectors never really seemed to be embedded into consumers products. Promate, however, decided to add one of those to one of their Android tablets. Promate Lumitab would just be a typical Android 4.2 tablet with a 7″ touchscreen, a dual core processor (OMAP4460), 1GB RAM, 16GB flash, if it did not also come with a DLP pico-projector capable of outputting an image up to 100″ (254 cm). Promate Lumitab Specifications: SoC – TI OMAP4460 Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 @ 1.5GHz + PowerVR SGX540 GPU System Memory – 1GB LPDDRII RAM Storage – 16GB flash, and a microSD slot Display – 7-inch IPS display (1024×600) Video Output mini HDMI Pico-projector DLP technology 854×480 (WVGA) resolution. 35 Lumens, Projection size of more than 100 inches, and projection ratioof 1.5 Audio I/O – 3.5mm stereo […]

Texas Instruments Pico Projector Module: DLP LightCrafter

Texas Instruments announced the DLP LightCrafter, a Pico Projector evaluation module. This module is powered by an ARM9 TMS320DM365 processor @ 300 Mhz (with 1080p video co-processor) running Embedded Linux. It features a 20-lumen RGB LED light engine and projector, as well as TI DLP 0.3 WVGA chipset. The DLP LightCrafter EVM is intended to bring DLP (digital light processing) devices faster to market and targets the industrial, medical, security and scientific instrument markets with devices such as pico projectors, 3D fingerprint scanners and 3D printers. The DLP LightCrafter incorporates TI DLP3000-C300REF reference design with includes the 0.3 WVGA chipset, TMS320DM365 embedded processor and MSP430 micro-controller.   Here are the key features of the DLP LightCrafter: 20 lumen light output WVGA resolution (608×684 native) Up to 4kHz binary pattern rate Configurable I/O trigger DM365 embedded processor (ARM926E-JS) 128MB NAND flash memory USB, Mini HDMI, UART interfaces Dimensions: 117mm x 65mm […]

A Pico Projector and Android in a Light Bulb


Seco, an Italian company, specialized in Embedded Systems development has developed a light bulb with a pico projector (DLP) that replaces your light bulb and project videos/pictures or anything you can think of on your wall. The product is supposedly 99% made with Texas Instruments chipsets, mainly Texas Instruments OMAP3530 processor (ARM Cortex A8) and it runs Android, WiFi, Bluetooth, inside a lamp. The maximum power consumption is 25 W (green bulb maximum power consumption). This is currently a prototype and could cost between 200 and 400 USD retail. A microphone and speaker is also available, so it could possibly be used with Skype. Have a look this really seems promising. Soon we may also ask: “What OS are you running in your light bulb ?” Jean-Luc Aufranc (CNXSoft)Jean-Luc started CNX Software in 2010 as a part-time endeavor, before quitting his job as a software engineering manager, and starting to […]

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