Mele F10 Deluxe Air Mouse Review

Mele F10 is an air mouse using 2.4GHz RF technology, that can be used as a remote, a QWERTY keyboard. and  a wireless mouse. That’s my favourite input device for Android TV Box, and I use it regularly for my product reviews.The company has now introduced an improved model called Mele F10 Deluxe with trick mode buttons, a gaming mode thanks to a gyroscope, and an IR learning function to use it as a universal remote. Mele sent me a sample for evaluation, so I’ll start with some unboxing pictures, and comparing it to the original Mele F10, before testing the remote. Mele F10 Deluxe Unboxing I’ve received the air mouse in the package below that highlights the four main features: Air mouse, Game Controller, Wireless Keyboard, and IR Learning. WE’ll find the air mouse, a tiny RF dongle, a USB cable for charging and user’s manual describing the button, […]

Transform Your Smartphone into a Universal IR Remote Control with ZaZaRemote

You can plenty of electrical appliances controlled with their own infrared remote control around your house or/and office, and wish you could just control then with one and only remote. There are already universal remote controls for sale, and they may be great for devices in the same room, but not so convenient to control device in multiple rooms. The good news is that you can now transform you phone into a universal infrared remote control thanks to ZaZaRemote app available for Android or iOS, even if your phone does not come with a built-in IR transmitter. There are three accessories available to add IR functionality to your smartphone: An IR transmitter than you can connected into the 3.5m,m audio jack of your smartphone. A USB OTG dongle that’s both an IR transmitter and receiver used to learn the remote control. (40 mm long) An IR transmitter and receiver dongles […]

Mele F10 Deluxe Air Mouse with Improved Gyroscope, IR Learning Function Sells for $29.99

In most of my reviews, I don’t use the IR remote control that comes with the device but instead Mele F10 air mouse, because it’s just more convenient for Android as it features one side with a standard remote, one side with a QWERTY keyboard, and a gyroscope that let you move the mouse pointer like a magic wand. Last year Mele released the Pro version with microphone and headphone support, but I’ve heard some people complain as it would just take over the audio output by default, and you’d get no audio via HDMI, until you change the setting manually. Nevertheless, Mele has now another version called Mele F10 Deluxe, without microphone nor headphone support, but instead it’s an improvement over the original Mele F10 air mouse with a better gyroscope and the ability to record some IR codes from another remote control. The 6-axis gyroscope is said to be good enough […]

Mele F10 Fly Mouse Review and Hands-on Video

Up to now, I always connected USB keyboard and mouse to Android mini PCs I tested. It works but it’s not always fun to use. Mele F10 Fly mouse is a dual sided 2.4GHz remote control with one side being somewhat of a standard remote, while the other side is a QWERTY keyboard. A gyroscope is also integrated in to the remote, which allows it to be used as a “magic” remote and mouse the mouse pointer. I’ve bought one on DealExtreme for $25.20, and I’ll do a short review about the remote today, even though it’s not exactly a new device. Mele F10 Unboxing I’ve received the F10 in a slightly damaged package. This happens often as to save on costs packages are often sent in bubble mailers, but all items I’ve received have usually worked fine. The other sides of the package indicate Mele F10 can be used […]

Android Cortex A8 Keyboard / Advanced Remote for TV

Remote Solution,  a small technology company based in Hong Kong South Korea, has shown off an Android 4.0 powered keyboard controlling an Android STB at CES 2013. The device is designed to be used as an advanced TV remote control, looks like a small tablet with 8 control button, and can be inserted into a full sized QWERTY keyboard for faster typing. The specifications are as follows: SoC – ARM Cortex-A8 processor @ 720 MHz (I’d guess a TI OMAP3 or Sitara processor at this freq) System Memory – 512MB RAM Storage – 2GB flash Display – 3.5″ touchscreen display (480 x 320) Connectivity – WiFi and Bluetooth Misc – IR port to be used as a universal remote. The touchscreen allows you to launch apps on your TV, move a cursor by using a virtual touch-pad, use an on-screen keyboard (when the screen is not connected to the keyboard), […]