Microsoft to Support exFAT File System in Linux, Releases exFAT Specification

Linux Kernel exFAT

Microsoft’s exFAT file system is quite popular for removable mass storage devices such as SD cards and USB flash drives as it’s supported in Windows, and many consumers devices such as cameras can handle Microsoft’s patented file system. The “patent” part causes an issue in Linux, as companies need to license it in order to ship it in their products or operating systems image. I recently re-installed Ubuntu 18.04 on my laptop, and if I reinsert my “test” USB drive: BTRFS, EXT-4, and NTFS partitions all mount automatically, but not the exFAT one. If I click on the partition, I get this message: That’s because Canonical does not provide exFAT by default in Ubuntu due to legal issues. It’s however easy enough for the user to install exFAT utilities The drive will mount successfully: Note that it’s using FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace), and it’s usually not a problem with today’s fast processors, but I remember adding NTFS via Fuse in …

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