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LTSI (Long-Term Stable Initiative) Status Update – ELCE 2012

January 17th, 2013 No comments

Tsugikazu Shibata, chief manager of OSS promotion center at NEC, gives a status update for LTSI, an LTS kernel for the consumer electronics market at ELCE 2012.


LTSI (Long-Term Stable Initiative) had been established October 2011 as an activity of CE Working Group of The Linux Foundation. LTSI will maintain Linux kernel for long term and stable for use of Consumer Electronics industry to share common cost and also help industry engineers to merge their patches into upstream. This talk will update latest status of LTSI project and discuss about next step such as how the development process going on and what version of Linux kernel will be maintained for long term and stably use. This talk will be intended to provide information for managers and engineers in the embedded industry and not necessary to have specific knowledge.

Agenda of the talk:

  • Status of Linux kernel development and maintenance of long term kernel
  • LTSI Introduction and status update
  • Discussion about Issues

You can also download the slides for this presentation. For further details, visit LTSI website, checkout the mailing list and/or the git tree.

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Firefox 4 for Android and Firefox Mobile for Computer

March 31st, 2011 4 comments

Mozilla has just released Firefox 4 for Android or Nokia N900 (Maemo) which is available for download at and on the Android Market.

Have a look at the video below to see the main features of Firefox 4 Mobile such as multiple tabs, full screen browsing (no menu),  panning and zooming, firefox sync to synchronize all your devices,  spam filters, add-ons, personas and more.

If you do not have an Android device or Nokia N900, you can still test if your mobile website works fine as Mozilla also provides Firefox for mobile to your desktop computer  for Windows, MAC OS X and Linux.

I’ve try it for Windows XP. There is no installer, after you download the file, simply extract the files in C:\Program Files for example, and then run C:\Program Files\fennec\fennec.exe to start Firefox 4 Mobile on your computer, it will open a 480×800 Window. Fennec is the codename for Firefox 4 Mobile.

Firefox 4 Mobile on Desktop Computer

Firefox 4 Mobile Home and Settings

Zooming can be done by double clicking and using the scrolling wheel of the mouse, and panning can be done with left-click and hold.

Currently, it appears websites won’t recognize the browser as a mobile browser, so it won’t automatically switch to the mobile website and you’ll have to enter the mobile URL such as or

Mobile websites render on Firefox 4 for Android / Nokia N900

Yahoo Mobile and Youtube Mobile rendered on Fennec

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