Google Unveils Project Tango Tablet Development Kit Powered by Nvidia Tegra K1 SoC

Earlier this year, Google ATAP (Advanced Technology and Products) showcased project tango phone prototype, capable of generating 3D maps in real-time thanks to cameras, motion sensors, and two Movidius Myriad 1 Mobile Vision processors paired with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 application processor, and since March, they’ve already sent a few hundred samples to developers. Google has now announced another development kit, this time a tablet powered by Nvidia Tegra K1 quad core SoC. Tango tablet has the following hardware specifications: SoC – Nvidia Tegra K1 quad core Cortex A15 with Kepler GPU System Memory – 4GB RAM Storage – 128GB Display – 7″ screen Connectivity – WiFi, BlueTooth Low Energy, and 4G LTE Camera – 120 deg. wide angle front camera, 4MP rear camera, and motion tracking camera Sensors – Integrated depth sensing The tablet will run Google’s KitKat Android operating system, and support features such as OpenGL 4.4 thanks to the […]

Google’s Project Tango Phone Prototype Generates Real-time 3D Maps

Google ATAP (Advanced Technology and Products), the team who is currently working on Project Ara for Google, and recently moved from Motorola following the acquisition by Lenovo, has also been busy on another project called Tango, which centers around a phone equipped with cameras and sensors capturing 250,000 data points per second to track motion and generate 3D maps in real-time. The prototype is 5” phone with hardware and software customization designed to simultaneously track the 3D motion of the device, and creating a 3D map of the environment. The device runs Android and includes development APIs to provide position, orientation, and depth data to standard Java, C/C++ Android. This is still early development, but the team imagine the technology could be used to easily create a 3D map of your home, facilitating furniture shopping. Other usa cses include indoor navigations, visually-impaired aid, and product location in a store. Augmented reality […]

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