Infineon Showcases the Radar Board used in Google’s Project Soli, and Sense2Go Development Kit (Video)

Google’s Project Soli sensing technology uses a miniature radar to detect touchless gesture interactions, so that you can control devices such as wearables using gestures without having to physical touch the product. The 60 GHz radar technology used in the project has been developed by Infineon, and the company was recently interviewed by Arrow Electronics where they showcased Soli board, as well as another 24 GHz radar development kit called Sense2Go. The Soli board called BGT60TR24 features Infineon XMC4500 ARM Cortex M4 MCU, and a 60 GHz “CRIS20” radar chip designed specially for Project Soli by Infineon, and allowing 20mm resolution, falling to less than one millimeter with Google’s algorithms. The micro USB port will be used for power and programming. This board should be the one included in Project Soli development kit to be shipped to developers this fall. Infineon also have a Sense2Go 24GHz sensor development kit that […]

Walabot MIMO Radar Board Can See Through Walls Thanks to Vayyar 3D Imaging Sensors

A few days ago, I wrote about Orbbec Astra 3D camera that can analyze distance and depth to form a 3D image of object. However, this solution uses an IR sensors, and while it can fulfill the needs of many application it does not allow to see through object, and that’s exactly what Walabot wideband MIMO radar board promises to do thanks to Vayyar 3D imaging sensor and a dozen of RF antennas. Some of the key features and preliminary specifications of Walabot board include: Vayyar VYYR2401 3D imaging sensor 12 (or is it 14?) non-contact antennas array system based on “Octopus A3 System on chip” Build in Tx/Rx linear polarized wide-band antennas from 3-10Ghz. On-board Cypress FX3 controller for communication and pre-processing EEPROM (for inventory and calibration information) Walabot interface connectors: Micro-USB 2.0 for high-rate data communication. Option to provide supply from USB. Single supply voltage 4.5-5.5v input for […]

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