WIMM One Developer Preview Kit is Now Available

WIMM Labs has just announced the availability of its wearable Android-based reference platform and software development kit. It can be purchased for 299 US dollar and is only available in the US. It is currently only available to registered developers but will be available to all by the 9th of November. The WIMM One Developer Preview Kit includes: WIMM One Module Black wrist strap Charging kit: Paddle charger, USB cable, USB power adapter Here’s the email registered developers received: We are thrilled that you expressed early interest in the WIMM One Developer Preview and we’d like to invite you to be among the first to purchase a WIMM One during our limited release. From now until November 9, the store will only be open to those who’ve reserved in advance. Just register at dev.wimm.com using this email address and purchase your WIMM One Preview for $299. Inventory is limited and […]

Wearable Android Development Kit

WIMM Labs recently announced a wearable Android-based reference platform and software development kit designed for mobile, sports, health, fashion, finance and consumer electronics applications. The WIMM One platform feature a 1.4″ Bi-modal display, a capacitive touch screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, an accelerometer, a magnetometer, audible and tactile alerts, up to 32GB memory. It is water-resistant, its dimensions are 32×36×12.5mm and it only weights 22g. Wimm Labs also said the device supports GPS in their twitter account. The platform is not currently available, but will be in Q3 2011. The price would be between 200 USD and 2000 USD depending on the licensee according to Wimm Twitter account, with the Wimm One Developer Preview platform closer to the lower end which still makes it a relatively pricey platform. Wimm Labs will also launch a store for applications and accessories later this Fall, where people will be able to find, purchase, and install […]

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