New Revision of C++ Programming Language: C++11

The Final International Draft standard (FCD) was unanimously approved on August 12th, 2011. The standard should be published this year. The draft name of the standard is C++0x, but since it will be published this year, it should probably renamed C++11, and if there are delays in its publication it could well be renamed to C++12.

You can download the 1334 pages “Working Draft, Standard for Programming Language C++” to get the full details.

If you don’t feel like going thru that massive document, but still want to learn about C++0x, I recommend you check the C++0x FAQ on Bjarne Stroustrup (The creator of C++) homepage.

Here are some the new features and improvements:

  • initializer-lists – Initializer lists are not just for arrays any more
  • uniform initialization syntax and semantics
  • template aliases (previously know as template typedef)
  • rvalue references
  • defaulted and deleted functions
  • variadic templates
  • auto – deduction of a type from an initializer
  • inherited constructors –
  • decltype – the type of an expression (replacement for typeof)

According to Stroustrup, these enhancements are sufficient to make C++0x feel like a new language.


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