How to build qemu-system-arm in Linux

Most (all?) Linux distributions have a binary package for qemu-system (including qemu-system-arm) in order to emulate non-x86 targets such as ARM, MIPS, PPC, Alpha and more.

However, in some case you may need to very latest version of qemu-system and it may not be able yet for your distribution.

Here’s how to do to build qemu-system-arm without building all qemu-system-***:

  1. Download the latest stable version of qemu (qemu 1.0.1 at the time this post was written):

    or get the latest source code (development tree) which has the very latest features and bug fixes, but may not work or compile:

    or get the latest source code from linaro (which may be more up-to-date for ARM targets):
  2. Configure qemu to build ARM targets:
  3. Build and install qemu-system-arm:
  4. Verify the latest version of qemu-ssytem-arm is installed:
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