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A cheap white brand Android 4.0 USB/HDMI Stick based on AllWinner A10 has started to show up in Chinese websites. Initially, I thought it was like a low cost version of FXI Tech Cotton Candy (which will start shipping this month), but as you can see in the image below, the HDMI port is female so you’d still need a HDMI cable. The hole next to the USB port should be for the power supply, so this device is apparently not powered via USB (TBC).

Allwinner A10 Android 4.0 mini PC

Connect a wireless mouse and keyboard to the device, the power supply, and an HDMI cable to your TV, and you’ve got yourself a cheap PC running Android 4.0. Since this is based on AllWinner A10, you could also insert a microSD card with Ubuntu, Debian or your other favorite Linux distribution and have yourself a Linux PC.

Here are the specifications of the device (gathered on the internet so it’s not error prone).

CPU AllWinner A10 @ 1.5GHz + Mali 400 GPU
Memory 512MB RAM
Storage 4GB Flash
microSD slot (Up to 32GB)
Connectivity WiFi 802.11b/g
USB micro USB 2.0/OTG port
USB 2.0 Host port
Keyboard Android virtual keyboard or 2.4G wireless keyboard + fly mouse
Video output HDMI (1080p)
Video Codecs WMV/ASF/MP4/3GP/3G2M4V/AVI/MJPEG/RV10/DivX/VC-1/MPEG-2/
MPEG-4/H.263/H.264/1280*720P HD 30 fps, 1080P/720*480 D1 30fps
Audio Codecs AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, QCP, MP3, WMA, WAV, MIDI, M4A
Operating System Android 4.0 (ICS)
Power Input 5V/2A
Size 8.8*3.5*1.2cm
Weight 200g

The system (CPU/RAM/Flash) is similar to Mele A1000, except that the AllWinner A10 is clocked at 1.5GHz (In theory, you can overclock Mele A1000 to 1.5ghz by changing evb.bin, but tests have not been successful so far). There are no VGA nor composite outputs, no SATA, only 2 USB ports and a microSD slot instead of a an SD card slot. There is no remote, so if you intend to use it as a media player it could be inconvenient unless you use a wireless mouse and keyboard.

The device can be purchased on Aliexpress for 74 USD (including shipping) where they say it’s model MK802 or on Alibaba for 368 RMB (~58 USD). Considering the Mele A1000 price is now around 90 USD (inc. shipping), I don’t really find this device that attractive, especially since you don’t get the convenience of plugging (and powering) it directly in the TV. Once it is available, Valueplus Tizzbird N1 might be a better option.

[Update:  The Aliexpress link above is sold out, but you can try alternative sellers on Aliexpress and it has become available on Dealextreme (78 USD)]

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As it is delivered without remote control, is it meant as a HTPC, or is it meant as a mini PC?

BTW: a lot of possibly nice Android STB devices on DX: http://dx.com/android-full-hd-1080p-media-player-w-usb-sd-hdmi-rj45-ports-black-2-x-aaa-102992 and http://dx.com/jesurun-itv04-1080p-full-hd-android-2-2-network-media-player-w-wifi-dual-usb-sd-lan-hdmi-112761
What is going on? Do people buy this, and can you really usefully use it to browse the web on your TV, or to watch movies? Or is this just DX stuff that’s there just because it can be produced (without too much thinking about usage)?



I have a silly (slightly off-topic) question…

I see lot of descriptions with “2.4G wireless keyboard”.

Is it actually Bluetooth ? Or is it another standard ? If so, in a general manner, I guess hosts require a specific hardware and driver to work with these keyboards ?


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What Haveyou

@ Efcis
They’re not Bluetooth. They’re just 2.4 GHz radio, foolishly placed on that band along with most wireless networks and cordless phones.


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@ cnxsoft Well if you install XBMC you could use a USB Media Center remote that just sends the same signals as a wireless keyboard.


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CNX, you have an excellent blog here. Thanks much for this good info!

The Mele A1000 looks “more complete/more options,” but the MK802 is nice and small …

I got here from a link at the pcworld.com article by K Noyes.


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Given the size and the cost of a device, I think it will just become a standard part of any monitor in a year or two. In other words, we will be plugging a USB mouse and a USB keyboard straight into a monitor and use some cloud-based OS to do what we now need a PC for. Shame, I have just finally gotten used to the hum of the dust-clogged fan on my PC tower under the desk…

Frank Bouwens

It sold out


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@ cnxsoft

…maybe ppl should stop being lazy and use their brains to search for alternative suppliers. Do you guys really thing this guy is the only one selling them? 🙂


Anyone seen any smiliar device with a RJ45 option? The size is great, and with an RJ45 connector you can just stick it on the back of ur TV with an infrared reciver somewhere and soon be running XBMC


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Some YouTube Videos for the MK802

MK802: the $74 Android PC-on-a-stick Walkthrough/Review:


MK802: the $74 Android PC-on-a-stick Product Unboxing:




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@ Joel
I prefer the Raspberry Pi.


Karl :@ Joel I prefer the Raspberry Pi.

Yeah, but RPI has a slower CPU/GPU and less ram + with an external netcard problem solved 🙂


I am wondering what’s the output resolution of these on HDMI. Is it fixed, or can be changed automatically or by an option? One of the selling sites claimed in the specs, that the resolution is 1024×768. That would be quite underwhelming. Can anybody confirm that it is really HD? And what resolutions does it support, if more?


@ cnxsoft
You may be right. I didn’t consider that it can have different resolutions for apps & UI, and video playing.
But I guess we won’t know it sure, unless somebody who has the device tries it out.


I have seen that Exduct.com now lists the 1GB Ram version of this product, which is a huge step up from the most competitors. Especially for Ram consuming Apps on Android or when a full distro is used.
86.16-10(discount)+5.34(slowest shipping option)=$81.50 shipped…. not bad
I think I am going to order one.


@cnxsoft I have been playing with mine for a few days now..The android ui itself is more like 1024×480 to 1152×720….so…yeh…as far as video playback goes, It does an awesome job of spitting out hd movies. I tested it with a 720 blueray mkv of batman, and a 1080p blueray rip of Mister nobody and I was actually pretty happy with that, seeing as it was streaming all 14 gig of this movie via wifi…Crappy points go to some issues in the external keyboard department..I have crashed it 2 times. One in splashtop hd, alt ctl delete does it every time… It also seems to hate xvid’s..but that seems to be the only problem codec…The built in player works well. Xvids work with the software renderer in mxplayer…

I used splashtop to play some diablo3 and it worked great….minus the right click getting hijacked by the android ui..

onlive/amazon vod/youtube/netflix/spotify/etc seem to work great….

it can be powered by the otg port as well as the power port..

Negative points to the sellers..They should mention that the gpu eats up 128 meg of that 512meg/1gig of ram…

Does not seem to output dts/dolby over hdmi..Im hoping thats fixable.
Video seems to drop out at random….

all in all…its pretty useful..


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@ aliosa27
Hi! I would have a few questions, if you don’t mind.
Do you have the 512MB or 1GB version? How smooth does the UI feel?
About the video dropouts: how frequently does it happen? Does this happen only during video playback? Is it very disturbing?
Regarding the keyboard issue: Try External Keyboard Helper from the Play Store. It’s a demo/paid app, but maybe it solves your problem. (I tried the demo on my Android x86 Virtual Machine, to change the keyboard layout to my language.)
And could you maybe install Elixir2 (a quite thorough system information app, in the case you don’t know it. It can be found on the Play Store. It’s free.), and generate a report with it?


I think he means that the video dropouts only happens on DTS material (correct me if I’m wrong).
I wonder if pass-through to a DTS capable receiver would work, or if the signal can be down-mixed to stereo in real time via hardware/software. I ordered the 1 Gig Ram version from Exduct.com … It may take several weeks to arrive, but I will report back as soon as it arrives. The seller informed me that the factory manager of this device said that the 1GB is considerably faster… I don’t know why this should be the case… can the Allwinner double the ram speed by having 2 banks (burst mode)? Apparently ED has the American plug in stock, but it’s also available with a EU plug which should be available in a few days. (2-5 days) I think I wait for the 1GB version with EU plug.


@ cnxsoft
OK, thanks. I was under the impression that 4.0 was a lot faster than 2.3 with the same ram equipped (e.g. 512MB… might be more of an issue with less ram), at least that’s what it feels like. I already own an Allwinner A10 tablet…. the Odys Xelio. I am pretty happy with it, but I noticed serious slowdowns when multi-tab browsing complex web pages, or when the integrated flash engine is loaded. So you are probably right that the flash/ram swapping is the main factor here, but until the memory limit is reached the devices should have the same speed, right?
There are very few choices in the sub $100 range with 1GB besides the MK802…. I kind of wish they upgraded the A1000 to 1GB…which is the max ram the A10 can handle. The DTS issues might turn off some potential buyers, I hope they purchase the licenses from Dolby on future upgrades.
Thanks for the excellent site cnxsoft. A lot of useful information here. BTW is there a list on the net of all the Mini PC devices that are based on Android? Every time I google, some new devices keep popping up. A Google docs table would be nice, where the users could enter upcoming new devices so that one could filter the entries… min. 512MB, min. Android 4.0, etc., min clock speed…etc.
Also thanks to Aliosa27 for the first impressions… it looks like a neat device.