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Earlier this week, I wrote about GeneralPlus GP3300 Cortex A8 processor and its tablet development platform, but I did not have that much details about the processor itself. I eventually managed to get a bit more information today.

GeneralPlus GP33000 family features 2 processors:

  • GP33003 which comes in LQFP216 package and supports up to 512 MB DDR3 RAM.
  • GP33009 which comes in BGA328 package, supports up to 1GB DDR3 RAM and more interfaces such as SPDIF, Ethernet, IR interface and CF card support.
GeneralPlus GP33003 vs GP33009

GP33003 appears to be better suited for tablets whereas GP33009 could be used in set-top boxes and digital signage players with Ethernet, IR remote and CF card support.

The capabilities of these processors are better represented in the block diagram below.

GeneralPlus GP3300x Block Diagram (Click to Enlarge)

This processor features a Cortex A8 core with 32KB L1 cache and 256KB L2 cache, a 2D/3D engine (PowerVR SGX531 GPU), a video decoder and a video encoder capable of supporting 1080p encoding/decoding and 720p video conference,  and a digital signal processor (CDSP).

For more information, you can check my previous post about GeneralPlus tablet reference design, and/or if you want to develop a product based on that platform, contact the company via their website.

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[…] guts of this machine include the General Plus GP33003, which is coupled with an¬†PowerVR SGX531 GPU. There are just over 30 days on this project, so if […]