Teensy 4.1 Cortex-M7 Board Gets Marlin Firmware and OpenPnP Breakout Board

PeeNaPle OpenPnP board for Teensy 4.1

Teensy 4.0 and Teensy 4.1 are some of the most powerful microcontroller-class boards you’ll find on the market thanks to NXP i.MX RT1062 Arm Cortex-M7 crossover processor clocked at up to 600 MHz, and there won’t break the bank are PJRC sells those for $20 and up on their own store or Amazon. If you’re into 3D printers, CNC, or pick-and-place machines, you’ll be glad to learn Teensy 4.1 board is the first Arm Cortex-M7 board to support Marlin 2.0 firmware, and a person nicknamed CrazzyFrenchDud is developing PeeNaPle breakout board for Teensy 4.1 to work with OpenPnP open-source software. The initial commit to Marlin firmware was made on September 10 for both Teensy 4.0 and 4.1 boards, but the title was changed to Teensy 4.1 only since Teensy 4.0 is not supported at this time, and may not be suitable for many 3D printers due to a lack of pins. Teensy 4.1 is much faster than existing boards support […]

Sovol SV02 3D Printer Unboxing and First prints

Sovol SV02 3D Printer Review

Hey, Karl here. Back in September of 2019, I reviewed the Sovol SV01 printer. I had a very good experience and still recommend it to this day. Fast forward a year and Sovol is back with a new version, the SV02. The SV02 is a dual extruder single nozzle printer. This will be my 3rd dual extruder 3D printer… The first 2 I did not have a very good experience with. Sovol sent over this printer at no charge for review purposes. I am going to share my experience a little differently this time. Instead of 1 long article, I will break it up into bite-size pieces. In this one, I will share my initial impressions and first prints. The new 3D printers I have been seeing have not been very exciting lately. They all basically have the same features and only minor differences and the SV02 is no different. Sovol has 2 avenues to differentiate themselves. Customer service and […]

3D Printer Retraction Calibration Vol II – Calibration Generator Program Release

Calibration Generator Program

Good day. Karl here. It has been a while since I have submitted any articles. I got burned out and my normal day job picked up considerably. I have been keeping busy but not with anything I would share by itself. I will start out with an update on what I have been up to. You can skip to the 3D printer retraction calibration section with the release of the Calibration Generator tool if you are not interested. What have I been up to? First, I have been doing a lot of gaming. Been playing Fortnite, Red Dead Redemption 2, and some other random games. I am trying hard to keep up with my son. Unraid OS. So many things to explore and learn. Docker, VM’s, and storage. There is so much goodness in this OS. I was able to consolidate several services into one box. I had a standalone NAS drive that I went way too long trusting my […]

SC-10 SHARK is a Faster 3D Printer with Optional Laser Engraving, Bicolor, and Auto-leveling (Crowdfunding)

SC-10 Shark Faster 3D Printer

Printing a 3D model usually takes hours, if not days, so anything that can speed up the printing time while keeping the same quality should be welcomed. LOTMAXX SC-10 SHARK 3D printer promises to reduce the standard print time by up to 30%. How did they exactly make a faster 3D printer? Thanks to “Aeolus Heat Dissipation system” (AHDS) with four fans to cool the nozzle and “S Move System” (SMS) helping the motors travel at a high speed. The printer also happens to be a multifunction printer with support for laser engraving and bicolor printing. SC-10 SHARK launched on Kickstarter several weeks ago and raised over $200,000 US from around 620 backers with 12 days to go. SC-10 SHARK 3D printer key features & specifications: Molding technology – FDM Print Speed – Up to 200mm/s; normal speed: 45-90mm/s Printing Accuracy – +/-0.1mm Layer thickness – 0.1 to 0.4 mm Nozzle diameter – Standard: 0.4mm; 0.2 and 0.3mm nozzles are […]

FULCRUM Minibot 1.0 Tiny, Pre-Assembled 3D Printer Goes for $139

FULCRUM Minibot 1.0 3D Printer

There are plenty of low-cost 3D printers in the $100-$200 range, but they usually ship in kits, need to be assembled by the end-user and some may feel uncomfortable with the procedure. But some models ship fully assembled such as Easythreed NANO 3D printer, and there’s now another fully assembled 3D printer that’s just launched. Meet FULCRUM Minibot 1.0. FULCRUM Minibot 1.0  features & specifications: Display – Robin 2.4-inch TFT touch screen Storage – MicroSD card for offline printing Host Connectivity – USB port,  optional WiFi module Engraving Accuracy – ± 0.1mm Nozzle diameter – 0.4mm Layer thickness – 0.1 to 0.4mm XY-axis positioning accuracy – 0.05mm Z-axis positioning accuracy – 0.0025mm Printing Size – 75 x 70 x 70mm Printing temperature – Up to 260°C or 205°C (depending where you read) Print speed – Up to 100mm/s; normal print speed: 30 to 60mm/s Supported material – PLA  @ 1.75mm ∅ Power Supply – Input: AC100-220V, output: 24V/ 2.5A Dimensions […]

How to Recover from a Bad Firmware Upgrade on Anet ET4 3D Printer

How to flash Anet ET4 Firmware

Hey, Karl here with a really quick how-to. This how-to is to help everyone who has bricked their Anet ET4 printer after upgrading firmware on the printer. Anet reached out for a review of the ER4 and I recently gave one printer to a buddy of mine and he showed a lot of enthusiasm. I thought it would be interesting to do a review from someone less experienced. I asked him if he would like to do it and he accepted. I wanted to help him with unboxing and initial setup so we fired up a YouTube Livestream. The build went smooth but because the UI is lacking finish I went searching for updates. It is not uncommon to flash firmware, and after a little googling I found updated firmware and was hoping to fix the UI. We followed the directions but the machine got hung at the logo after rebooting. Damn. After a little more searching found directions from […]

Marlin 2.0 Open Source 3D Printer Firmware Finally Released

Marlin 2.0 Firmware Release

Back in June, we wrote about Marlin 2.0 firmware supporting ESP32 3D printer board, but at the time the firmware was still in RC1 (Release Candidate) phase. I was informed Marlin 2.0 firmware had been in beta for several years now, but the good news is that Marlin 2.0.0 open-source 3D printer firmware has now been officially released. Some of Marlin 2.0.0 new features include: 32-bit support with several boards including Arduino DUE (SAM3X8E), Adafruit Grand Central (SAM5D), Smoothie / SBASE / EZBoard based on NXP LPC176x, SKR Mini powered by STM32, as well as ESP32 boards Some improvements were made to some AVR boards including Melzi (ATmega 1280), RAMPS (ATmega 2560), and RAMBo / miniRAMBo / Einsy RAMBo boards PlatformIO build environments for supported boards VSCode “Auto Build Marlin” extension for one-click build Power-Loss Recovery for SD print jobs Magnetic Parking Extruder support Magnetic Switching Toolhead and Toolchanger support Gradient Mixing and Gradient Virtual Tools Automatic power supply control […]

Quick Update for the AnyCubic Photon S Photon Workshop V2.1.17.RC1

Just last week I did the first part of the review of the Anycubic Photon S. One of the pain points of printing was the long workflow. Chitubox Prusa slicer Photon File Validator Photon Workshop First thing I have to decide is if the model needs to be hollowed to conserve resin. I load up the model in Chitubox and use the built-in tool to hollow the model. After the models hollowed and a drain hole is placed I export it to an STL and open with Prusa Slicer. In Prusa Slicer, I orient the model and use its auto-support feature and auto-orient feature. It is a roll of the dice if the orientation makes sense. I want all the supports to be on the back/bottom of the print. Little marks are left when removing the supports. I have found that Prusa Slicer has the best auto support feature. Then I export to STL again with the supports and open […]