$100 thermal insert heat press ease the installation of threaded brass inserts into 3D printed parts

thermal insert heat press

One method to install threaded brass inserts into a 3D printed part is to use a soldering iron. But you need to make sure to keep it vertically aligned and slowly press the insert into the plastic. A more reliable and safer method is to use a professional heat staking machine, aka thermal press machine, that typically costs over $2,000 according to the speaker in the aforelinked video. So people have come up with DIY solutions based on an off-the-shelf soldering iron and costing less than $50. Another way if you’d rather not built your own is to get NH Design Works’ thermal insert heat press sold for $99.99 on Tindie.   NH Design Works explains the heat press has some advantages including adjustable temperature, a spring return insert arm that rotates for easy alignment, tee slots for mounting tooling, and tooling for #4-40 and M3 inserts. The Thermal Insert Heat Press is currently sold on Tindie for $99.99 plus […]

Ender 3 Pro 3D printer in late 2020 – Build and first prints

Ender 3 Pro review 2020

Karl here. How does the Ender 3 Pro 3D printer stand up in late 2020? The short answer is pretty well. With just a few minor gripes it is a solid printer. According to All3dp the Ender 3 Pro came out in September 2018. Over 2 years ago. It is the successor to the most popular 3D printer: the Ender 3. I usually don’t do any research so I won’t be influenced by other reviewers but I did in this case so I could see what the differences are between the Ender 3 and Pro versions. It has been upgraded to a Meanwell power supply. Better mainboard layout. Wider extrusion for the bed to ride on, which should make the bed more stable. If you have done any research on 3D printers I would say it is impossible not to have heard about the Ender 3. With its low price, print quality, and community support I can see why it […]

$89 Lite3DP resin 3D printer fits in the palm of your hand (Crowdfunding)

Lite3DP resin 3D printer

I thought Selpic A-star 3D printer we recently covered was already small, but if you’re looking for an ultra-portable printer, it will be hard to beat the Arduino-based, open-source hardware Lite3DP resin 3D printer that can fit in the palm of your hand, and weighs just around 350 grams. That also means a pretty small build volume of just 45.1 x 33.8 x 70 mm, so it’s really for small objects, and for instance, a typical Raspberry Pi case could not be printed. But let’s have a look. Lite3DP printer’s key features and specifications: Electronics – All-in-one PCB with Arduino Pro Mini, a driver for the stepper motor, a module for a microSD card, and a screen with dual-functionality. Technology – MSLA // LCD-SLA Resolution – XY: 0.14 mm; Z: 0.05 and 0.1 mm Build volume (W x L x H) – 45.1 x 33.8 x 70 mm Tray volume – 50 cm³ for the liquid resin Compatible resins – […]

Black Friday 2020 International Deals and Coupons

Aliexpress Black Friday Fest 2020

Singles Day 2020 is now behind us, but just like every year, international Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and coupons are coming, and even already launched over one week before the actual events. And CNX Software will link to promotions from Chinese online websites that offer such deals with Aliexpress, Banggood, GearBest, GeekBuying, and others. Aliexpress Black Friday Fest will start on November 23, 12:00 AM PT, and last till November 27, 11:59 PM PT with up to 70% discounts. But you can also browse the website to find discounts, and add products to your cart before ordering during the event. There will also be $20 and $40 coupons for orders over $40 and $100 respectively, but conditions are unclear at this time. Banggood’s Crazy Friday event takes place during an even longer period between November 2nd and December 6th. There are special sitewide coupons for PayPal payments with $7 off for $70+ orders, and $12 off for $110+ […]

Kywoo Tycoon 3D Printer Unboxing and User Experience Review

Kywoo Tycoon 3D printer review

Hey, Karl here. A lot of our readers know I do most, if not all of the 3D printer reviews for the site. I feel very fortunate to be able to review them. It does take quite a lot of time but sometimes a gem comes along. I was fortunate enough to be chosen to review and share with you a new printer from Kywoo. The Tycoon 3D printer ticks all the boxes I have been asking for. Easy assembly Direct Drive Linear motion (Rods and rails in this machine) Smooth filament holder Touch Screen Auto Bed leveling (Until now I didn’t know I wanted this…more on that later) Rock Solid frame There are a few shortcomings and I hope what I am sharing is addressed before the final shipment. I will go into more detail later on. As far as the physical printer I am super happy with the one exception. The rest of the critiques are user experience. […]

Selpic Star-A is a low-cost, compact 3D printer and laser engraver (Crowfunding)

Selpic A-Star 3D printer

$99 3D printers are announced nearly every year with varying quality, and Selpic, which made the Selpic S1+ handheld 2D printer, joined the fray with Selpic Star-A multi-function 3D printer that was offered as for as little as $99 as an early bird reward on Kickstarter. The 3D printer is still up on Kickstarter with pledges starting at $129 and support for laser engraving for $39 extra, meaning it offers many of the same features as SC-10 SHARK multi-function 3D printer but at a lower price point, a much smaller form factor also meaning a smaller build volume, and slower printing speeds. Selpic Star-A 3D printer specifications: Build volume – 12 x 12 x 12 cm Display – Optional 2.4-inch touch screen Printing materials – PLA, TPU, PETG, ABS Print resolution – >= 0.1 mm Layer thickness – 0.05 to 0.3 mm Printing speed – 30 to 60 mm/s Nozzle – 0.4mm Extruder temperature – 180 to 250°C Noise level […]

Testing PTFE Tube for 3D Printing

PTFE Tube for 3D Printer

Karl here. I’m back with a short article on some testing that I did on PTFE tube. When I received the Sovol SV02 3D printer it came with some baby blue replacement PTFE tube. It came preinstalled with the regular white stuff that most Bowden style printers come with. I have also been thinking about different ways to use the Retraction Calibration Tool I created. I recommend reading it first to get grounded on what this tool does before going further. I have always heard that Capricorn brand is the best so I purchased some on Amazon. I will test 3 kinds. Generic white, Baby blue Sovol, and Capricorn XS tubing. (Now that I am finding the links to add to the article I see that it is through the Sovol Amazon store. This is just a coincidence.) For the uninitiated, this little tube plays an important role in 3D printing. It provides a filament path from an extruder to […]

ESP32 CNC Controller Board Supports Grbl Arduino Firmware

ESP32 CNC Controller Board

Grbl_ESP32 CNC development board is a breakout board for NodeMCU 32S board that also takes three stepper motor drivers, and designed to run Grbl open-source Arduino firmware to control wireless CNC machines. Grbl_ESP32 CNC breakout board specifications: Socket for NodeMCU 32S board with ESP32 WiFi and Bluetooth dual-core SoC 3 sockets for stepper motor drivers such as TI DRV8825 types and others. Micro-step selection jumpers included. MicroSD card socket Home/Limit switch connections for XY and Z axes. Control switch input connections for Feed Hold, Cycle Start, Reset, and Door. Spindle output for PWM to control speed. 3A DC-DC power supply to run the ESP32 if it is not connected to USB Grbl CNC firmware was initially developed for the Arduino UNO and basic 3 axis CNC routers around 10 years ago, but has since then been ported to other CPUs and is now found in other types of CNC machines as well as 3D printers. You’ll find the Grbl firmware […]