PICO-EHL4-SEMI fanless mini PC is made for PoS and kiosk applications


AAEON PICO-EHL4-SEMI is a fanless Elkhart Lake mini PC designed for digital signage, smart retail (PoS and Kiosk), and industrial automation, and available with either the 10W quad-core Intel Celeron J6412 or the dual-core 6.5W Intel Celeron N6210. The mini supports up to 16GB LPDDR4X memory, 32 to 128GB eMMC flash, optional mSATA storage, and comes with a 4K capable HDMI 2.0b video output port, two Gigabit Ethernet ports, two USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, and two optional COM ports providing RS232/RS422/RS485 connectivity. PICO-EHL4-SEMI specifications: Elkhart Lake SoC Intel Celeron J6412 quad-core processor @ 2.0GHz/3GHz; 10W TDP Intel Celeron N6210 dual-core processor @ 1.2GHz/3GHz; 6.5W TDP System Memory – Up to 16GB LPDDR4x 3200 MHz on-board memory Storage 32GB eMMC flash (optional 64GB/128GB) mSATA socket Video Output – 1x HDMI 2.0b ports up to 4Kx2K 60Hz Networking – 2x Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 port via Realtek RTL8111H-CG controller USB – 2x […]

EPIC-ADN9 SBC features up to four 2.5GbE interfaces, two SATA ports

Intel Atom x7425E SBC

AAEON EPIC-ADN9 SBC is powered by an Intel Processor N50/N97, Core i3-N305, or Atom x7425E Alder Lake N-series processor and equipped with up to four 2.5GbE networking ports and two SATA III ports for storage. The board also comes with a SO-DIMM slot taking up to 16GB DDR4 memory, mSATA storage, three display interfaces including HDMI and DisplayPort, and two USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, and offers expansion capabilities via M.2 and mPCIe sockets as well as headers. AAEON EPIC-ADN9 specifications: Alder Lake-N SoC (one or the other) Intel Core i3-N305 octa-core processor @ 1.8 / 3.8 GHz (Turbo) with 6 MB cache, 32 EU Intel UHD Graphics up to 1.25 GHz; TDP: 15W Intel Atom x7425E quad-core processor @ 1.5 / 3.4 GHz (Turbo) with 6 MB cache, 24 EU Intel UHD Graphics up to 1.00 GHz; TDP: 12W Intel Processor N97 quad-core processor @ 2.0 / 3.6 GHz […]

BOXER-6406-ADN Alder Lake-N fanless embedded computer supports 9V-36V DC input

AAEON Alder Lake-N Fanless Embedded Computer

AAEON BOXER-6406-ADN is a compact fanless embedded computer powered by the popular Intel Alder Lake-N family of processors with their the Processor N50, Processor N200, or Intel Atom x7211E SoC. The mini PC comes with up to 32GB DDR5, supports M.2 NVMe SSDs and 2.5-inch SATA drives for storage, integrates two HDMI 2.0 video outputs and two 2.5GbE ports, and features specific to the embedded/industrial market such as three DB9 serial connectors (COM ports), one DB15 connector for digital I/Os, and a wide range 9V-36V DC input terminal block. BOXER-6406-ADN specifications: Alder Lake-N SoC (one or the other) Intel Atom x7211E dual-core processor up to 3.2 GHz with 6MB cache, 16EU Intel UHD Graphics; 6W TDP Intel Processor N50 dual-core processor up to 3.4 GHz with 6MB cache, 16EU Intel UHD Graphics; TDP: 6W Intel Processor N200 quad-core processor up to 3.7 GHz with 6MB cache, 32EU Intel HD graphics; […]

UP 7000 is a powerful x86 alternative to the Raspberry Pi 4 SBC with an Intel Processor N50/N97/N100 CPU

UP 7000 Alder Lake N Raspberry Pi SBC

AAEON UP 7000 is an x86 single board computer with a layout similar to the Raspberry Pi 4 but based on a more powerful Intel Processor N50, N97, or N100 Alder Lake-N SoC with Gigabit Ethernet, three USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, HDMI 1.4 video output, and a 40-pin GPIO header. Not to be confused with the larger UP Squared Pro 7000 also powered by an Alder Lake-N processor, the UP 7000 is an update to the UP 4000 SBC with an Intel Apollo Lake processor introduced just last year. The new fanless board also comes with up to 8GB LPDDR5, 64GB eMMC flash, and an onboard TPM 2.0. UP 7000 (SKU: UP-ADLN01) specifications: Alder Lake-N SoC Intel Processor N50 dual-core processor up to 3.4 GHz with 6MB cache, 16EU Intel UHD Graphics Gen 12 @ 750 MHz; TDP: 6W Intel Processor N97 quad-core processor up to 3.6 GHz with […]

Industrial Mini-ITX motherboard features Intel Processor N50 dual-core Alder Lake-N processor

Processor N50 mini-ITX motherboard

AAEON MIX-ALND1 is an industrial mini-ITX motherboard based on the entry-level Intel Processor N50 dual-core Alder Lake-N SoC with multiple video output options (HDMI, DP, eDP, LVDS), two Gigabit Ethernet ports, and plenty of serial headers for RS232, RS422, or RS485 communication. The motherboard supports up to 32GB DDR5 memory, one SATA drive, and one M.2 NVMe or SATA SSD drive. It implements a hardware monitor for voltage, temperature, and fans, features such as PXE and WoL, and takes 12V power via a 4-pin connector or a lockable DC jack. MIX-ALND1 mini-ITX motherboard specifications: SoC – Intel Processor N50 dual-core processor up to 3.40 GHz with 6 MB cache, 16EU Intel UHD graphics up to 750 MHz; TDP: 6W System Memory – Up to 32GB single-channel DDR5 4800MHz via SODIMM socket Storage 1x SATA III with power connector 1x M.2 2280 M-Key for NVMe or SATA SSD 256Mbit flash for […]

AAEON PICO-EHL1 Pico-ITX Elkhart Lake SBC is designed for digital signage applications

Celeron N6210 SBC

AAEON PICO-EHL1 is a lightweight and power-efficient Pico-ITX SBC powered by Intel “Elkhart Lake” Atom x6000E or Celeron N and J Series processor mainly designed for digital signage, smart lockers, and ATMs. It provides an alternative to the company’s PICO-EHL4 Pico-ITX SBC introduced in 2021 with a different set of features. The single board computer is offered with a choice of Atom x6425E, Atom x6211E, Celeron J6412, and Celeron N6210 dual-core and quad-core processors with up to 32GB DDR4 memory, support for SATA and mSATA storage, up to three display interfaces, Gigabit Ethernet, two USB 3.2 ports, and expansion interfaces with DIO, RS232, RS485, etc… PICO-EHL1 specifications: Elkhart Lake SoC (one or the other) Intel Atom x6425E quad-core processor @ 2.0GHz / 3.0GHz with Intel UHD Graphics; TDP: 12W Intel Atom x6211E dual-core processor @ 1.3GHz / 3.0GHz with Intel UHD Graphics; TDP: 6W Intel Celeron J6412 quad-core processor @ […]

UP Squared i12 is a compact Alder Lake-P single board computer

UP Squared i12

AAEON’s UP Squared i12 is a single board computer with the same dimensions as the UP Squared (Apollo Lake) and UP Squared V2 (Elkhart Lake) boards, and mostly the same ports layout, but powered by a more powerful 12th generation Intel Alder Lake-P processor from a Celeron 7305E up to an Intel Core i7-1270PE. The board comes with up to 8 or 16GB LPDDR5 memory, SATA and NVMe storage support, triple 4K display support through HDMI, DisplayPort and USB-C interfaces, dual Gigabit Ethernet, a few USB boards, and some wafers and headers such as a Raspberry Pi-compatible GPIO header. UP Squared i12 specifications: 12th generation Alder Lake-P SoC: Intel Core i7-1270PE 12-core/16-thread processor @ 3.30GHz / 4.50GHz (Turbo) with 96EU Intel Xe graphics – PBP: 28W, up to 64W MTP Intel Core i5-1250PE 12-core/16-thread processor @ 3.20GHz / 4.40GHz (Turbo) with 80EU Intel Xe graphics – PBP: 28W, up to […]

Micro-ATX motherboard takes socketed Raptor Lake CPUs, offers PCIe Gen 5 slots, 2.5GbE, up to 8x SATA ports…

Micro-ATX motherboard Raptor Lake SoC

AAEON MAX-Q670A is an industrial micro-ATX motherboard that accepts socketed 13th Gen Intel Core Raptor Lake processors, supports up to 128GB DDR5, offers eight SATA ports with RAID 0/1/5/10, up to four Ethernet ports (GbE and 2.5GbE), and two 16-lane PCIe Gen 5 slots. Other features include five display interfaces with HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, LVDS, and eDP, four bootable USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A ports, an RS232/RS422/RS485 COM port, and plenty of internals headers for more serial and USB ports, as well as M.2 expansion sockets and a digital I/O port AAEON MAX-Q670A specifications: SoC – 12th/13th Generation Intel Core LGA1700 Socket processors (Alder Lake or Raptor Lake) with  up to 125W TDP Chipset – Intel Q670 Express Chipset I/O Chipset – NCT6126D System Memory – Up to 128GB via 4x DIMM slots for DDR5 4,000MHz non-ECC, un-buffered memory Storage 8x SATA III ports with support for RAID 0, 1, […]

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