Bluestacks GamePop Mini is a Free Android Game Console (with Subscription)

The price of Android media devices keep getting lower months after months, and one company, BlueStacks, has gone a step further and decided to provide their GamePop Mini Android game console for free (excluding shipping), as long as you take a $6.99 monthly game subscription for a least a year. This is where I usually list the specifications, but today I’m just unable to do so, as there aren’t any. We just know the GamePop mini is less powerful than the company’s $129 GamePop, but it “will be able to handle all of your favorite apps and games plenty well, and there may also be more peripherals available for the GamePop.” GamePop specifications aren’t available either, but I guess the GamePop Mini might come with a dual core processor, and the GamePop will a quad core processor. The monthly subscription will allow you to download games without extra cost from […]

Running Android Apps in Windows 7 with Bluestacks App Player

Bluestacks has released an Alpha version of its App Player for Windows 7. This sotware allows you to run Android apps inside Windows 7. I’ve tried to install it in Windows XP but it won’t work and here’s the reason: So Bluestack App Player is a Windows 7 gadget, so it would obviously not work in Windows XP. If you want Windows XP, you do not need to despair as you can still run Android-x86 in a virtual machine (The post is a bit old, Android 2.3 is now available). Of course, this is not as neat and fast as Bluestacks application. There are 10 applications pre-installed. I’ve tried Bloomberg app and it works very well. If you need more apps, you can visit Bluestacks Channel and add up to 16 extra applications. The pro-version will not have this limitation and will allow users to install premium apps such a […]

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