Texas Instruments Showcases OMAP 5 GPU Capabilities with GLBenchmark 2.5

In February, Texas Instruments compared the browser rendering performance of its OMAP 5 platform to the Nvidia Tegra 3, and the benchmark results showed OMAP 5 was twice as fast @ 800 MHz than the Tegra 3 @ 1.3 GHz. Today, they’ve uploaded a video showing the 3D performance a tablet based on OMAP 5 (and PowerVR SGX 544-MP GPU) against a market-leading tablet (I guess it’s the Apple iPad 3 with PowerVR SGX 543 GPU) using GLBenchmark 2.5 with the following setup: 1080p resolution. On-screen and off-screen tests were conducted to compensate for the “Vysnc Limited” scenarios. (24bpp) 16bit depth tests to better represent high-end game content Power saving mode disabled and device connected to a power source. No background tasks and airplane mode “on.” The on-screen results show 38 fps for the OMAP 5 vs 34 fps for the other platform, or a 12% performance boost. Off-screen results […]

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