TTS-20 Pro laser engraver review

TwoTrees TTS-20 Pro unboxing review

TwoTrees TTS-20 Pro 20W is a compact, lightweight laser engraver that can be used with wood, plastic, leather, and metal. It can either be used for businesses that want to start producing items or schools that want students to learn how to create pieces, whether it’s cutting work or various engraving, the TTS-20 Pro 20W laser engraving machine is easy to use and safe. TTS-20 Pro laser engraver specifications The TTS-20 Pro laser engraver features a large lightweight aluminum frame with a working area of 418 x 418 mm (external dimensions: 695 x 620 x 125 mm). It comes with a 20 Watts laser module with a 0.08 mm accuracy and supports up to 30,000 mm/min engraving speed. The controller supports either a USB connection to a host computer or engraving from a file on a microSD card. The laser engraver also ships with air assist which will deliver cleaner […]

ReBoi Raspberry Pi Game Boy project blends classic gaming with modern tech (Crowdfunding)

ReBoi Raspberry Pi in a GameBoy

James Sargent’s ReBoi Raspberry Pi Game Boy is a Raspberry Pi Zero-powered handheld console kit that easily snaps and screws together without soldering. Its design allows the PCB to fit snugly into both original and replica Nintendo Game Boy Color cases. We’ve seen several handheld consoles with powerful processors and great portability, including the Raspberry Pi CM4 console similar to a Nintendo Switch Lite, GPD WIN Max, LyRa RPi CM3L, and many other gaming consoles. Key Highlights of the ReBoi Raspberry Pi Game Boy Kickstarter Project: Core Concept: A Raspberry Pi-powered handheld that revives the classic Game Boy console. Continues the tradition of distributing DIY electronics as kits. Enabling anyone to build their own Game Boy. Accessibility and Ease of Assembly: No soldering is required; the kit snaps and screws together. Comprehensive website with documentation and tutorials for easy assembly. Raspberry Pi Zero and RP2040 Integration: Integrates Raspberry Pi Zero […]

LONGER Laser B1 30W review – A 33-36W laser engraver tested with LightBurn

LASER LONGER B1 30W review

Today we will review the LONGER Laser B1 30W laser engraver with the LightBurn program. The machine is equipped with a laser module comprised of six 6W laser diodes for a total power of 33 – 36 W when accounting for some variation in the power delivered by each diode. The Laser B1 can cut through 20 mm thick wood and 10 mm thick black acrylic in just one cut, and with multiple passes, it can also handle up to 25mm thick wood 50mm thick black acrylic, and even 0.1mm thick stainless steel. The kit comes with an air pump to improve the cutting ability and prevent/limit burns around the engraving or cutting area, and has a working area of 450 x 440 mm. Laser B1 30W specifications Laser Technology –  Diode Laser Technology Work area –  450x440mm (17.72×17.32-inch) Laser wavelength –  50nm Focal length –  Fixed Focus-50mm Laser spot […]

Genmitsu Z5-1 fiber laser engraver review

Sainsmart Z5-1 Fiber laser review

Good day. Karl here. Today I would like to share my experiences with the Genmitsu Z5-1 fiber laser engraver in this review. What is an infrared Galvo laser? A fiber laser is also known as an infrared Galvo laser. Let’s break this combination of words down. Infrared is first. Up to this point, I have reviewed several powerful blue diode lasers for the site. All of them have had 455nm wavelength lasers. In contrast, the Genmitsu Z5-1 laser we are looking at today has a 1064nm wavelength that is outside of the visible spectrum. With infrared, we can mark different materials. Notable plastics and metals are easy to mark with this laser. Galvo is next and was a term I was not familiar with. “Galvo” is a condensed form of “galvanometer.” It’s an electromechanical device used for precise mirror or optical element control in laser and optical systems. Galvanometers are […]

AirGradient ONE Kit Review – An open-source indoor air quality monitor

airgradient one ready to work

The product we are reviewing today is the “AirGradient ONE” air quality monitor kit which is an updated version of the earlier AirGradient air quality monitor. The device is equipped with sensors from Sensirion and Plantower, allowing it to measure many air quality parameters such as CO2, PM2.5, TVOCs, NOx, temperature, and humidity. It is an indoor air quality monitor that is both open-source software and open hardware. This means that the Arduino source code, schematic diagrams, PCB, and 3D models of the enclosure are available to developers. AirGradient ONE DIY Kit Unboxing The device was packaged within a cardboard box, with a greeting card from the manufacturer. The card features a QR code linking to a webpage with the installation guide. Since I requested the Kit version (there’s also a fully assembled model), some sensors were not pre-assembled and they were well-packaged in separate seals. The main PCB was […]

International Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 deals and coupon codes

Alixexpress Black Friday 2023

We’ve been writing about international Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and coupon codes since 2014, as US-centric promotions such as Amazon’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are not always available to the international audience of CNX Software. So once again, we’ve searched at Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 international promotions and discount codes from specific manufacturers as well as popular online stores such as Aliexpress, Banggood, and others. Aliexpress Black Friday and Cyber Monday event Aliexpress will have a Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) event in 2023, but we have limited details at this time since it will only start on November 23, contrary to some of the other deals we’ll feature below which are already up and running. But the event will have two periods: Nov 20-22 PT – Warm Up event where users can find and add items to the cart before purchasing during the […]

Mecpow X3 Pro – A newly launched 10W laser engraver with air assist kit (Sponsored)

Mecpow X3 Pro 10W laser engraver air assist

Mecpow X3 Pro is a 10W laser engraver with an air assist kit to improve both the cutting accuracy and quality since it prevents the formation of soot on the surface of the material by removing debris and smoke for a cleaner cut or engraving. The laser engraver offers a wide 410x400mm working area that can be extended up to 750x400mm with an additional kit, precise engraving and cutting with 0.01mm accuracy, and plenty of safety features to protect the users such as an emergency button, fall detection, a flame sensor, etc… Mecpow X3 pro highlights: Laser – 10W diode laser with fixed focus Engraving accuracy – 0.01mm Focus spot – 0.06×0.08mm Engraving area – 410 x 400 mm. An optional extended kit is also available bringing that to 750 x 400mm Safety Sensors – Flame sensor and gyroscope for tilt alarm to stop the machine’s operation in the event […]

Privacy-focused DIY video doorbell leverages ESP32-CAM board, ESPHome firmware, Home Assistant

ESP32-CAM doorbell ESPHOME

Seeing the lack of privacy-focused video doorbells on the market, Tristam (aka ThatGuy) decided to design his own doorbell with an ESP32-CAM board purchased from Amazon and flashed with ESPHome open-source firmware for easy integration with Home Assistant so there’s no need to rely on third-party cloud services. The DIY design also comes with other off-the-shelf parts with a momentary push button, a 10kΩ resistor, an RGB LED ring light,  M2.5 brass inserts and screws, and a 10-meter micro USB cable all of which can be purchased from Amazon or another shop. He also needed eSUN white PETG filament to 3D print the custom plastic enclosure. The assembly requires two wires to the push button for 3.3V and GPIO 14 pulled to the ground with the 10k Ohm resistor and three wires to the RGB LED ring (5V, GND, GPIO15). Tristam notes the RGB LED ring is optional, and the […]

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