Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera 2 Offers an Alternative to GoPro HERO4 Black Camera

[Update: While Xiaomi is a minority investor of YI in China, and YI products are sold in Xiaomi stores, Xiaomi does not own YI Technology nor does it own, produce or design any of its products. Therefore any mentions of Xiaomi in the article should be read instead as “YI Technology.”] Xiaomi is about to launch a new 4K sports camera with Xiaomi Yi 4K powered by Ambarella A9SE dual core Cortex A9 processor and supporting video recording up to 4K @ 30 fps. The specs of the new camera is actually pretty similar to what you’ve got on GoPro HERO4 Black camera, plus some improvements as the comparison table below shows. I found the data on GeekBuying blog, so it could not be entirely unbiased, but it still gives an idea. Yi 4K Action Camera GoPro HERO4 Black Processor Ambarella A9SE Ambarella A9 Image Sensor Sony IMX377 12MP ½ […]

Wi-Fi Sunglasses with Action Camera based on Ambarella A5 SoC

GoPro launched the action camera craze a few years ago, and many companies made lower cost products inspired my the popular action / sports camera. These can be great, but sometime mounting the camera can be an issue, and a company has decided to make some sort of GoPro sunglasses with a camera and Wi-Fi connectivity, in a style similar to Google glass but for shooting videos only. The OEM product is sold as TC62 on Tinydeals ($250), Iwearcam HD-S568 on Ebay ($210), or G200 on Aliexpress ($387). All these sunglasses look the same and are based on Ambarella A5 SoC, so if you look for ambarella A5 sunglasses on Google, you may find even more model names. Wi-Fi glasses action camera specifications: SoC – Ambarella A5 SoC System Memory – N/A Storage – N/A GB internal storage + micro SD card slot for videos Camera – 5 or 8MP […]

Finwe & Kolor 360 Degrees Video Solutions for Smartphones, Virtual Reality Kits and HTML5 Browsers

Google Street View allows you to have a 360 degrees panoramic view of a particular location, and you can move around to look up and down, left and right and so. Finwe & Kolor, two European start-ups, have gone further, as they do not only use pictures, but their 360 panorama video solution records videos in 6 to 12 directions simultaneously, and create a 360 degrees panoramic videos than you can watch on your smartphone or, even better, in a virtual reality kit for a complete immersion. Let’s go through all the steps and equipment required to make and watch 360 videos: Recording – You’ll need a mount system for 6 GoPro Hero cameras from companies like Freedom360 or 360 Heros.  They also have rigs for 12 cameras for 3D 360 degrees videos, but I’m not sure this is supported by the video software yet. You just need to start […]

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