Pico-ITX i.MX8M Board Enables Offline Voice Control with Snips

Estone EMB-2238

A few days ago, we covered Estone Technology’s MJ-100 RK3399 rugged tablet. I’ve just realized Estone Technology used to promote their embedded product under the Habey USA brand, which we covered a few times here, and the company has also announced another new product ahead of Embedded World 2019 with their EMB-2238 Pico-ITX i.MX8M board specifically designed for voice control applications. The company setup two voice control demos with the board: one with Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS) and another with Snips that works locally without any Internet connection. We actually came across Snips previously for an article comparing microphone arrays, but I never looked into Snips into details or saw an actual demo. Let’s have a quick look at EMB-2238 board specifications first: SoC –  NXP i.MX 8MQuad  with 4x Arm Cortex-A53 cores @ 1.5GHz, 1x Arm Cortex-M4 realtime-core @ 266MHz, Vivante GC7000L/GC7000LVX with support for OpenGL/ES 3.1, OpenGL […]

Habey EMB-2200 Pico-ITX board is Designed for Industrial IoT Gateways & HMI Panels

Habey USA has sent out an email to announce their EMB-2200 industrial grade Pico-ITX board powered by NXP i.MX6UL processor with up to 512 MB DDR3, WIFi and Bluetooth, optional PoE support, LCD interface, etc…, and designed for IoT gateways, HMI applications, and other embedded applications. Habey EMB-2200 board specifications: SoC- NXP i.MX 6UltraLite single core ARM Cortex-A7 processor at 528/696MHz System Memory – 128, 256 or 512MB RAM Storage – Various options of eMMC, iNAND or SLC NAND flash (Default: 8GB eMMC flash) Display – 1x 24-bit Parallel LCD (RGB) interface up to 1366×768, 4-wire touch interface Audio – 1x 3.5mm Line OUT jack Connectivity – 2x 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet ports, WiFi and Bluetooth module USB – 2x USB 2.0 ports I/Os – 5x RS-232 header, 2x CAN Bus, 2x USB2.0, 1x USB OTG Configurable GPIO, SPI, I2C Expansion – 1x full-size mini-PCIe with USB connection for cellular […]

Habey HIO Project ARM Board and HIO Wallpad PoE Automation Panel (Crowdfunding)

Habey has recently unveiled HIO Project, a $100 ARM Linux board designed for rapid prototyping powered by Freescale i.MX6 dual lite or quad, and shortly after, the company launched a Kickstarter project for HIO Wallpad, an in-wall Power-over-Ethernet touch controller for home or office automation embedding HIO Project boards. HIO Project Boards HIO Main Board (HIO-EMB-1200) specifications: Soc – Freescale i.MX6 Dual Lite or Quad ARM Cortex A9 processor @ 1 GHz + Vivante GPU System Memory – 1GB DDR3 Storage – 4G iNAND flash, 1x micro SD socket Video Output – 1x HDMI Audio – 1x on-board audio codec with 1W Amplifier built-in to I/O expansion headers Connectivity – 1x GbE PHY to I/O expansion headers Expansion Connectors: 1x PCIe PHY to I/O expansion headers 8x 50-pin 1.27mm pitch female header for I/Os: 24bit Parallel Display Port, dual channel 24bit LVDS, MIPI DSI up to 24bit, MIPI CSI up […]

Habey EMB-3700 Embedded Board Features AMD G-Series SoC

AMD recently announced their G-Series SoC family that combines a CPU, a GPU, and a controller hub into a single chip, as ARM has been doing for a while, and more products based on the platform are entering the marketplace. I’ve already written about Win Enterprises MB-60830 and Netboard A10 single board computers, and today I’ll introduce another option with Habey EMB-3700, a 3.5″ embedded board that targets applications such as digital signage, point-of-sale (PoS),  industrial automation, machine to machine, in-vehicle telemetry, and medical technology. Habey EMB-3700 Specifications: SoC: GX-420CA quad core @ 2.0GHz (25W TDP) with Radeon HD8400E or GX-415GA quad core @ 1.5GHz (15W TDP) with Radeon HD8330E or GX-210HA dual core @ 1.0GHz (9W TDP) with Radeon HD810E System Memory – 1x 204-Pin DDR3 SODIMM, up to 4GB (ECC) RAM Storage – 2x 6Gb/s SATA 3.0 connectors Video Output: HDMI up to 1920 x 1200 VGA up […]

Habey Unveils MITX-6500 mini-ITX Embedded Board Powered by Freescale i.MX53

There aren’t many mini-ITX ARM board, and the only one I can recall is Kontron KTT30/mITX based on Nvidia Tegra 3. But there’s now at least one more mini-ITX ARM board thanks to Habey MITX-6500 embedded board. This mini-ITX board feature Freescale i.MX535 or i.MX536 processors, 1GB DDR3 and a 4GB on-board SSD. Since this is mainly an industrial board, it also features 2 Ethernet NIC and a whooping 13 COM ports. The board is suitable for a range of applications such as human to machine interfaces, data acquisition, point of sale, vehicle telematics, digital signage, industrial automation, building controls and connected appliances. Contrary to many other embedded companies, Habey also sells the board available to individuals. Here are the specifications of this board: CPU – Freescale ARM Cortex A8 i.MX535 @ 1 GHz or i.MX536 @ 800 MHz System Memory – 1GB on-board DDR3 Storage – 1x SATA 3Gb/s, 1x […]

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