COVID-19 outbreaks and lockdowns in Shenzhen and Hong Kong delay some projects

Coronavirus manufacturing china

This may read like January or February 2020 headlines with disruption to shipping and manufacturing in China due to a “new coronavirus”, but it’s happening again, particularly in Hong Kong and Shenzhen where COVID-19 case numbers have jumped and the governments have implemented strict measures to attempt to contain it. Since Shenzhen is a hub of electronics manufacturing and Hong Kong is often the gateway to those goods, we’ve received several reports of disruption and delayed projects. First, from Source Parts saying the Popcorn Computer will be further delayed in parts due to the COVID situation in Shenzhen: …Within a short period of time after cases suddenly began to rise, we noticed that more apartment complexes were undergoing mandatory lockdown. We started to stock up early on essentials including food and water. One day, the two nearby food markets we frequent were fully stocked in the morning and empty in […]

Ubuntu, Tizen, XMBC… Demos at Q2.12 Linaro Connect in Hong Kong

Linaro has announced several demos would take place at Linaro Connect on June 1st, 2012 in Hong Kong: Big.LITTLE in-kernel Switcher (Linaro) SIProp – Combat Scouter – How much your Combat Power? (SIProp) Android Toolchain Improvements (Linaro) Origen Running Awesome Code (Linaro) Snowball with MM enablement (Linaro) Tizen on Snowball (Linaro) Google+ Hangouts on an ARM Board (Linaro) Low-Cost Logic Analyzer (Linaro) XBMC on Snowball – ST Ericsson Snowball (Linaro) (Ubuntu) Unity 3D on Snowball (Linaro) Ubuntu TV on Snowball (Linaro) PCM (Phase Change Memory) : Linaro kernel meets with the PCM technology (Micron) ARM DS-5 & Linaro (ARM) Most of the demos will be organized by Linaro, but three others companies will also shown the “show”, namely SIProp, Micron and ARM. It’s always interested to see what happens at Linaro because it gives a view into the future to what may comes to the new products and developers can see what new features are available for […]

ARM-based Android Set-Top-Box

Last month, I posted a blog entry about demo featuring Sigma Designs Android STB that was shown at CeBit last January. AFAIK this is still being developed and there is still no Android STB products based on Sigma Designs Chips that can be purchased. Earlier this month, another company Webia Technologies demo’ed an Android STB (HDMI 1080p – ARM 11) whose factory price would be 50 USD, which is well below the price of a similar Sigma Designs STB based on SMP8640 or SMP8650 series. They also showed a smaller box that can support 720p and selling for 25 USD (Factory price, not retail price). You can see the demo below showing both set-top-boxes. Interestingly enough, I was unable to find Webia Technologies website or other previous news about this company. All I found is Webia Technologies is supposedly registered in Hong Kong. Update: After searching which ARM-based solution may […]

Digital Signage Players in Hong Kong and China

I’ll show a few digital signage applications based on Sigma Designs EM8620 and SMP8630 series that are currently used in Hong Kong and China. Bus Digital Signage SinoCDN is a Hong Kong company providing broadband media delivery solutions. SinoCDN  currently provides a digital signage solution for Hong Kong – China cross boarder buses called IPAD. Their solution is based on EM8623L Sigma Designs and allows content update thru Wifi at the border between China / Hong Kong. If you’ve ever been at the Hong Kong / China border (Lok Ma Chau) and seen some Wifi access points whose names starts with sinocdn, they are used for this purpose. Digital Signage & POS (Point-of-Sale) Heng Yu Technologies is another Hong Kong company specialized in the manufacturing of “customized input and display technology for the industrial markets” They provide point of sales and advertizing platform based on several Sigma Designs platforms, including […]

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