Embedded Android Training Workshop At Linaro Connect Asia 2013

Karim Yaghmour, Opersys’ CEO, gave 4 training sessions dealing Embedded Android at Linaro Connect Asia 2013, in Hong Kong, earlier this month. Charbax filmed those 4 40 to 50 minutes session with excellent video and audio quality, so I encourage you to watch all sessions if you are interested in this topic. The presentation slides are available on Slideshare. The first training session is entitled “Android Internals”, and Karim introduces Android’s overall architecture, following the agenda below: Android Concepts Framework Intro Overall Architecture System startup Linux Kernel Hardware Support Native User-Space Dalvik JNI System Server Calling on Services Activity Manager Binder HAL Stock AOSP Apps Case-in-Point The second session “Working with the AOSP” deals with the following key points: Tools and location Content Building Build tricks Build system architecture Output images Using adb Custom toolchains and dev kits Compatibility Test Suite Basic hacks The third session entitled “Native Android user-space” […]

Linaro Connect HK Greg Kroah-Hartman Keynote: “I Don’t Want Your Code!”

If you are a developer interested in getting your code into mainline, Greg KH keynote at Linaro Connect 2013 Hong Kong is probably worth a watch. In this presentation entitled “I Don’t Want Your Code! Linux Kernel Maintainers, why are they so grumpy?”, he first describes the large amount of patches they receive (7.28 patches per hour for kernel 3.8.0), gives some statistic about developers and companies involved with the kernel (about 20% is done by individuals), tells the audience they should submit the kernel code during SoC emulation/simulation stage, so that it’s accepted and ready to use when customers get the silicons (like Intel does), and quotes Intel and IBM executives saying “Working upstream saves time and money”. He then moves on what he does not want to see (and gets a lot): patch series with missing patches, email signature saying it’s confidential (since Linux development is done publicly, […]

Linux Conference Australia and FOSDEM 2013 Videos are Now Online

FOSDEM 2013 took place last week, and the organizers are in the process of uploading videos. Up to now, 5 main tracks sessions have been uploaded (Firefox OS;  Free, open, secure and convenient communications; FreedomBox 1.0;  Samba 4; and systemd, Two Years Later) as well as over 20 lightning talks. You can find the videos at http://video.fosdem.org/2013. You may also want to check my previous post for a lists of interesting talks, and I’ll probably feature some FOSDEM 2013 videos in this blog, at least the open source GPU driver talk. Linux Conference Australia took place on January 28 – February 1, 2013, and the 5-day conference featured lots of talks including several dealing with graphics in Linux, and one developer apparently trashing X in terms of complexity and performance, and explaining how Wayland was better. Others Linux sessions dealt with subject such as 3D printing, supercomputing, Arduino, big.LITTLE processing, […]

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