Spark Electron Cellular Module for M2M Projects Comes with a $3 Monthly Data Plan (Crowdfunding)

Spark IO started with Spark Core, a tiny Wi-Fi module, followed with Spark Photon is a cheaper, faster, and tinier Wi-Fi module, and now the company is launching Spark Electron to bring cellular connectivity to hobbyist projects at an affordable cost and small form factor. Spark Electron specifications: MCU – ST Micro STM32F205 ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller @ 120 MHz with  1MB Flash, 128K RAM Cellular Connectivity – U-Blox SARA U-series (3G) or G-series (2G) modem + NanoSIM card slot + u.FL connector for Antenna Headers – 36 pins with 28 GPIOs (D0-D13, A0-A13), plus TX/RX, 2 GNDs, VIN, VBAT, WKP, 3V3, RST USB – micro USB port for power and programming Misc – Setup and reset buttons, LED Dimensions – 5.08 cm x 2.03 cm x 0.76 cm (1.27 cm including headers) The board can be programmed with Wiring (Arduino’s programming language), C/C++, or ARM assembly. It’s longer than Spark […]

Spark Photon is a $19 Hackable IoT Wi-Fi Board

Spark Core is a popular Wi-Fi module for the internet of things  with a community of over 20,000 developers, but at $39 it may have started to feel a little expensive compared to the new IoT Wi-Fi modules such as ESP82666 or xWiFi, so the company has unveiled a new Wi-Fi board called Photon that’s smaller, better, and cheaper. Let’s compare Spark Core with the new Spark Photon. Feature Spark Core Spark Photon Wi-Fi Support 802.11 b/g 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi Setup Smart Config Soft AP Wireless Module TI CC3000 Broadcom BCM43362 MCU STM32F103 STM32F205 MCU Speed 72 MHz 120 MHz Flash Memory 128 KB 1 MB RAM 20 KB 128 KB GPIO 18 UART (Serial) Yes JTAG Yes I2C Yes SPI Yes ADC Yes DAC No Yes CAN No Yes VBAT pin exposed No Yes Wakeup pin exposed No Yes Price $39.00 $19.00 So beside slashing the price by 50%, […]

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