Radxa E25 carrier board, 2.5GbE switch, and WiFi 6 router

Radxa E25 2.5GbE switch-Xiaomi AX6000 WiFi 6 router

I’ve just received an early sample of Radxa E25 dual 2.5 GbE carrier board for Radxa CM3 Plus (RK3568) system-on-module, a 2.5GbE TP-Link switch, and Xiaomi AX6000 WiFi 6 + 2.5GbE router. Here’s the back story before looking into the devices. I’ll soon have to review UP Xtreme i11 mini PC with a 2.5GbE port, and after writing about the upcoming ROCK5 Model B SBC with both 2.5GbE and WiFI 6/6E, I realized I should really get some hardware to test 2.5GHz and WiFi 6. So I started to ask what could be the best options for a $200 budget. While thinking about it, I remember Radxa was working on the Radxa E23 board with 2.5GbE, and adding a WiFi 6 USB dongle might be an option. But they told me Radxa E25 would be a better option with two 2.5GbE ports and support for WiFi 6, although that one […]

Microsemi VSC7513 and VSC7514 MIPS SoCs for Ethernet Switches Get Initial Mainline Linux Support

Microsemi VSC7514 is a 10-port Gigabit Ethernet (GbE)/SMB switch supporting a combination of 1G and 2.5G Ethernet ports, and VSC7513 comes with basically the same features except it’s limited 8 ports. Both SoCs include a MIPS processor with DDR3 memory interface, and support industrial and enterprise Ethernet switching features such as VLAN and QoS processing. Microsemi VSC751x Ocelot family was unveiled in June 2016, but I only heard about them today, as Free Electrons recently added initial support for VSC7513 & VSC7514 chip into mainline Linux with the patch series available here. Microsemi VSC7514 specifications & features: CPU / Memory Interface – Integrated 500 MHz MIPS 24KEc CPU with MMU and DDR3/DDR3L SDRAM  controller Ethernet Connectivity – 4x dual media copper ports, 2x 1G SGMII ports, and 2x 1G/2.5G SGMII ports Host CPU Interfaces – PCIe 1.x and NPI CPU interface Internal shared memory buffer (8 queues per port) Jumbo […]

Skreens are Configurable Picture-in-Picture HDMI Splitters (Crowdfunding)

Some HDMI splitters support picture-in-picture (PiP) to display of the video input full screen, and the others in small windows, and the ones I checked just cost under $30 on Amazon here, there, and over there. People who only use them as splitters are satisfied, but the ones who tried the PiP function are disappointed, as the other inputs, usually 3, are only shown in small windows on one of the corner of the TV, and not that useful. If you want more customizable PiP, Skreens could be what you are looking for, as the HDMI inputs can be resized and positioned via a mobile app. There are basically two models named by their number of inputs: NexusTwo, and  NexusFour, with Pro versions bringing the total to 4 models. Skreens NexusTwo specifications: Chip(s) – Xilinx Kintex-7 Field Programmable Gate array with Dual ARM Cortex-A9 @ >1 GHz with NEON (Over […]

HDFury Integral 4K60 HDMI 2.0 Splitter Promises to Fix HDMI 2.0 & HDCP 2.2 Issues

HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) has been developed by Intel to prevent copying of digital audio and video content as it travels across connections such as DisplayPort (DP), DVI, and HDMI. It’s used to protect contents’ creator work, but unfortunately in many cases it also breaks the experience of paying customer for example when they try to watch protected content of on hardware that’s not compliant, or only compliant with an older version of the standard. The latest version is HDCP 2.2 and target 4K content protection, but many 4K UHD TV sets sold in the last few years are not compatible, which means that some cases you may not be able to watch content. HDfury claims to have the solution with their Integral 4K60 HDMI splitter. Some of HDfury Integral 4K60 specifications include: 2x Input / 2x Output Splitter (HDMI2.0a/HDMI1.4/DVI1.0 compatible) 4K60 4:4:4 600MHz 18Gbps Pass through 4K60 4:4:4 600MHz […]

Quick Review of YS-189 HDMI Switcher

Since I have quite a few devices with HDMI, and I got tired of getting behind the TV to plug or unplug the device, and sometimes I may want to cycle through them for testing, I bought an HDMI switch from Dealextreme for about $11. The device, called YS-189, features 1 HDMI output and 3 HDMI inputs so that you can connect 3 devices to one HDMI port of your TV. There’s also a 5V power jack, which is normally not needed, or so they say, and a small remote control (battery included!) with three buttons to switch between the inputs. First I’ll show a few pictures of the device, and talk about my experience connecting 3 Android mini PCs. Here’s the package with the black box and the remote. At the back there are more details about the device including specification and “user’s manual”. Now a picture of the […]

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