Technologic TS-7250-V2 Industrial Grade Embedded Computer Features Marvell PXA166/PXA168 Processor

Technologic Systems, as US based embedded systems solutions company, has announced availability of their TS-7250-V2 industrial grade PC/104 single board computer powered by Marvell PXA166 or PXA168 ARMv5 processor, with 512 MB RAM, 2GB eMMC SLC flash, single or dual Ethernet, and an optional Lattice FPGA with up to 17k LUT (Look-up Tables) among other features. They also have two enclosures namely TS-ENC720 (1x RJ45 port), and TS-ENC720-2ETH (2x RJ45 ports) for the boards. TS-7250-V2 technical specifications: Processor (one of the two) Marvell PXA166 Sheeva ARMv5 processor up to 800 MHz Marvell PXA168 Sheeva ARMv5 processor up to 1066 MHz FPGA – 17 KLut Lattice LFXP2-8E FPGA System Memory –  512 MB RAM Storage – micro SD card socket + optional 2GB eMMC flash + optional full size SD card socket Connectivity – 1x or 2x 10/100 Ethernet ports, USB – 2x USB HS host ports, 1x micro USB device […]

Technologic Systems TS-7670 Industrial Board Features Freescale i.MX286, Supports RAID-like System on SD Cards

Technologic Systems has unveiled an industrial board powered by Freescale i.MX286 ARM9 processor and a MCU part of NXP LPC1100 Cortex M0 series to to create a CDC ACM serial device on a host PC, and interfaces via UART, I2C, and SPI with the Freescale processor. The board targets applications such as fleet vehicle or asset tracking, point-of-sales (PoS), vending machines, data acquisition units, and data recorder modules. TS-7670 specifications: Processor – Freescale i.MX286 (1x ARM926EJ-S core @ up to 454MHz) MCU – NXP LPC Cortex M0 MCU in QFN32 package (LPC1114??) System Memory – 128MB to 256MB DDR2 RAM Storage – 2GB soldered NAND flash, 2x microSD slot with Doublestore support (similar RAID on SD card) Connectivity – 10/100 Ethernet port Wireless – Optional Telit Jupiter series multi-constellation GPS; optional CDMA, GPRS, or HSPA+ modules USB – USB host port, USB OTG port Other I/Os: 2x RS-232/interfaces (optional TTL […]

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