Desklab Ultrathin, Lightweight 15.6″ 4K Portable Touchscreen Display Comes HDMI, USB-C, Stereo Speakers (Crowdfunding)

Desklab Laptop Companion

We’ve already seen a fair amount of portable displays launched in recent years which are often supposed to be brought along with your laptop or smartphone, including DUO add-on display, TAIHE Gemini 15.6″ FullHD/4K display, and the low-cost BlitzWolf BW-PCM1 11.6″ display among many others. Another option is Desklab 15.6″ portable display available either in Full HD or 4K resolution and which comes with stereo speakers in a similar fashion to the TAIHE model but with different ports, and no battery. Desklab key features and specifications: Display 15.6″ IPS touchscreen display with FullHD (1920×1080) or 4K (3840×2160) resolution 10ms response time 400 cd/m2 luminance 183° viewing angles Ports mini HDMI input 2x USB typ-C ports 3.5mm audio jack Micro USB port Audio – Stereo speakers Misc – Power button, volume rocker Battery – None, used the host battery Thickness – ~0.6 cm Weight – 595 grams Since the display comes […]

$40 Elecrow 5″ HDMI Raspberry Pi Display Features Backlight Control, a Resistive Touch Panel

5-inch HDMI Display Backlight Control

There are plenty of small touch screen displays for Raspberry Pi board, including the official 7″ display that connects to the board’s MIPI DSI connector.  Some people may prefer getting a small HDMI display however, as it can be used with most devices with an HDMI input port, and the touch screen function may be achieved over USB, I2C or SPI depending on the design. Elecrow has just launched a new 5″ HDMI display with resistive touch screen designed for the Raspberry Pi boards, and whose main feature is to support backlight control over GPIO 11 in order to lower power consumption according to the announcement tweet from the company.   Specifications for RPD19048A display: Screen – 5″ TFT resistive touch screen display with 800×480 resolution @ 60 Hz; LCD Driver IC – Display Future ILI9486L (Likely wrong as this only supports 480×320 resolution) Touch controller – XPT2046 4-wire resistive […]

DFRobot 7″ HDMI Display with Touchscreen Sells for $69

There are plenty of HDMI displays, but if you want a smaller size it become more complicated although some 7″ HDMI displays are available. However, if you want to add touchscreen support, then the choice becomes even more scarce, especially if you want a neatly packaged solution. That’s why DFRobot’s 7″ HDMI display with a 5-point touchscreen may be interesting, and as a bonus it also features mounting holes for Arduino & Raspberry Pi boards. Specifications: Display – 7″ display with 1024×600 resolution @ 43 Hz (60Hz is possible, but not recommended as it will not be full screen) Interfaces – HDMI input for video, micro USB port for touchscreen Voltage & current – 5V @ 160 mA with HDMI connection (1.2A max) Dimensions – 183 x 100mm;  mounting hole size: 3.1 x 6mm Weight – 328g Despite the 1.2A maximum current, the company claims an external power supply is […]

Diskio Pi 13.3″ Touch Panel Display Kit is Designed for Raspberry Pi and ODROID Boards (Crowdfunding)

If your project requires a touch panel, there are plenty of solutions for Raspberry Pi and ODROID boards, with Hardkernel even selling ODROID-VU8C fully integrated touch panel display. However, most display kits require you to make your own case, and feature smaller displays with lower resolution. One developer has however come up with Diskio Pi, a higher-end touch panel kit with a 13.3″ Full HD display that works with the most popular Raspberry Pi and ODROID boards. Diskio Pi specifications: Display –  13.3″ AUO TFT IPS display with 1920×1080 resolution connected via a 30-pin eDP connector ; 330 cd/m2 brightness; 85° viewing angles in all directions. Touch panel – 10-point capacitive touch; G/G structure; USB 2.0 interface; ≥6H surface hardness. Main board: HDMI to eDP driver Stereo sound amplifier USB 2.0 hub with 3x ports:  2x external + 1x internal Battery balance circuit (3S/3S2P) Expansion – Various headers for prototyping […]

Touchjet WAVE Adds Android and Touchscreen Capability to Your TV (Crowdfunding)

There are already ways to convert your TV into a smart TV running Android with touchscreen support, but you’d need to buy an Android mini PC and a infrared touch frame overlay for your TV both of which should cost several hundred dollars in total, and the larger your TV the costlier the price, and once you get the hardware, you may also need to modify your kernel source code to enable USB touchscreen… A US start-up is now working on a much cheaper and easier way to achieve this with Touchjet WAVE, a quad core Android mini PC that integrates an infrared sensor to track finger movements and taps across the screen of your existing TV. Touchjet WAVE specifications: SoC – Quad-core ARM Cortex A9 processor @ 2.0 GHz (Likely Amlogic S802 or S812) System Memory – 1GB DDR3 Storage – 8GB flash Video Output – HDMI 1.4 Touchscreen […]

Atmel Unveils XSense Flexible Touch Sensors

Atmel has unveiled XSense, a flexible film-based touch sensor that allows the design of curved capacitive touch screen displays. Atmel expects target applications to go beyond smartphones and tablets, and extend touch capabilities into a wide array of new consumer and industrial products such as watches, coffee machines, calculators and more. XSense touch sensors, based on a proprietary roll-to-roll metal mesh technology, will allow OEMs to develop larger, lighter, sleeker, curved and edgeless designs for smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks and a host of new touch-enabled products, says the company. XSense sensors can be combined with Atmel maXTouch controllers which are already used in numerous smartphones and tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy Tab, as well as other touch controllers available on the market. Here are the key benefits of XSense technology: Flexibility for curved surfaces Narrow border for larger active screen areas Highly accurate stylus performance (active […]