Sending Twitter posts to Automatically

If you have both a Twitter and account you may want to update one with the other auotmatically. If you are mainly an user, that’s straightforward as you just need to Settings -> Twitter and make sure “Automatically send my notices to Twitter.” is checked. If you are mainly a twitter user and want to update your timeline automatically it’s not so trivial. I found some existing solutions based on and using Twitter RSS feed with Yahoo pipes, but both did not work for me: Twitterfeed could not authenticate with If I clicked on Test StatusNet Authentication it would try to authenticate forever without success as shown on the screenshot below would return the error “Sorry. We weren’t able to save your destination at this time” when trying to connect to StatusNet with credentials. Finally, I found another way with and […]

Twitter Timeline in Thunderbird 3.x

I’ve just found an experimental Add-ons for Thunderbird 3.1 that allows to get your twitter timeline in Mozilla Thunderbird. Experimental means that it has not been verified by Mozilla. The add-on is called TweeQuilla. You can download the xpi: tweequilla-0.1-tb-win.xpi. Then install it in Thunderbird: Open Add-ons from the Tools menu, click the Install button, select tweequilla-0.1-tb-win.xpi and click OK. Then to enable a Twitter Account to go Tools->Account Settings->Account Actions->Add Twitter Account. The Add Twitter Account dialog box will appear: Then click on Click Here First, login to twitter and allow it to be accessed by this application. A pin will be given enter the pin and click OK. That’s it ! You should know have a Twitter Account in Thunderbird and can access your Timeline as shown below. It will even automatically load the short URL inside Thunderbird. You can allow send tweets using the Write button as […]

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