Vidonn X6 Activity Tracker Promises Up to 15 days Battery Life

I reviewed Vidonn X5 fitness tracker last yet, and I found many issues or letdowns: battery life is too short (2 days), the digits are much smaller than advertized, the screen cannot be read under direct sunlight, a button must be pressed to check the time, the smartband is not as waterproof as advertized, and the Android app is a disaster. Despite all these issues, I still wear it everyday, as it helps me walk or run a bit more if I have not reached my daily target. The company has now release a new model Vidoon X6 that I discovered today on DealExtreme for $33.90. Vidonn X6 specifications: MCU/Memory – Unknown Display – 0.88″ OLED display (vs 0.49″ for X5) Connectivity –  Bluetooth 4.0 LE and micro USB Battery – 45 mAh Li-battery (vs 40 mAh) good for 15 days in standby mode. IP Rating – IP65 (Dust-proof and […]

Review of Vidonn X5 Fitness Tracker

With all the activity / fitness trackers on the market now, I wanted to try on,e but I did not find they were good value, but when DealExtreme sold Vidonn X5 fitness tracker for about $27, I decided to jump and have a try. You can synchronize data with Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy enabled Android 4.3+ and iOS mobile device, but I don’t have any, so instead I used a netbook running Windows XP for initialization and fitness data tracking. Vidonn X5 Unboxing Pictures I was quite surprised how fast I received the parcel. It was shipped by China Post, yet I received it within 9 days. Usually small items can be found without package and shipped in bubble envelopes, but this device comes in a relatively nice looking plastic box. The box just contains a user’s manual in Chinglish, and the fitness band. Two clips are used to fastness […]

Vidonn X5 USB & Bluetooth LE Activity Tracker Sells for $27.61

Many companies have launched activity trackers, some small watch-like device that you wear around your wrist, and that monitor fitness related data such as the number steps and the distance you’ve walked during the, the calories you’ve burnt, and even your sleep quality. However, I’ve never understood why you would pay more than $30-$40 for such devices, let alone around $100. Vidonn X5 is one of the low cost devices that still looks decent, and can be found on many Chinese online stores for about $40 to $50. But DealExtreme currently has a promotion selling the device for just $27.61 which makes it even better value. Vidonn X5 specifications: MCU/Memory – Unknown Display – 0.49″ OLED display Connectivity –  Bluetooth 4.0 LE and micro USB Battery – 40mAh Li-battery good for 4 days on a charge IP Rating – IP65 (Dust-proof and waterproof to water jets) Operating Temperature – -20’C~45’C Maximum Operating Altitude […]

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