WRTnode2P, WRTnode2R and WRTnodeHi OpenWRT Boards to Feature M.2 & mini PCIe Edge Connectors, H.265 Camera Support, and More

WRTnode is a small and low cost development board powered by Mediatek MT7620N and running OpenWRT. The developers have been working on three new OpenWRT boards based on Mediatek or Hisilicon processor and featuring either an M.2 connector, a mini PCIe connector, or support for H.265 camera. The first board is WRTnode2P with the following specifications: SoC – Mediatek MT7628an MIPS 24KEc processor @ 575 MHz System Memory – 256 MB RAM Storage – 32MB Flash Connectivity – 802.11 b/g/n WiFi @ 300 Mbps (2T2R) I/Os via NGFF M.2 connector: PCIe X1, USB 2.0 host, SD-XC 5x 100M Ethernet switch I2S up to 192K/24-bit 2x UART, SPI, I2C 20x GPIO Dimensions – 42 x 22mm The second board, WRTNode2R, features a processor and a micro-controller, and can be connected to a mini PCIe port: SoC – Mediatek MT7688an MIPS24K Processor @ 580 MHz System Memory – 256 MB DDR2 Storage […]

Getting Started with WRTnode OpenWRT Development Board

Seeed Studio sent me two nice little boards that can be used for IoT development: WRTNode and LinkIt ONE. Today, I’ll show pictures of WRTNode and accessories, and go through the “starting guide“, and will test LinkIt ONE board a few days later. WRTnode Unboxing I’ve received WRTnode by Fedex, and the board is stored in a plastic box. Inside the box, you’ll find the board, a “special” USB used to power the board and as an OTG adapter, a piece of paper with useful links (Wiki), and some WRTnode stickers. Any micro USB to USB cable can be used to power the board, but this cable is useless to connect USB devices such as flash drives, webcams (OpenCV is supported), Bluetooth dongles, and so on. You could even connect a USB hub to connect multiple USB devices as shown below. I’ve also taken a picture of both sides of […]

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