Building Archos Gen8 Source on Ubuntu 10.10

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In a follow-up post of GPL Source code and SDE for Archos Gen8 Devices earlier today, here are the steps I followed to build the toolchain, kernel and root file system with buildroot on Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop version:

  • Extract the source code:

tar xzvf ../Downloads/gen8-gpl-froyo.tgz

  • Install extra packages for the build:

sudo apt-get install flex bison build-essential zip curl libmpfr-dev libmpfr1ldbl automake autoconf libtool gettext texinfo

  • Run the build to generate the toolchain, kernel and root file system:

cd gen8-gpl-froyo/buildroot
sudo make

  • Then wait for a while (It took 1h15 on my machine) to get the binary images:
    • zImage (kernel) in buildroot/linux/arch/arm/boot
    • rootfs.arm.squashfs (rootFS) in buildroot/binaries/uclibc
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