TI Dual Core OMAP 5 Cortex A15 (800 Mhz) Twice as Fast as Nvidia Tegra 3 Quad Core Cortex A9 (1.3 Ghz)

Texas Instruments released a video showing the Web page loading time between TI OMAP 5 featuring two ARM Cortex-A15 cores at 800MHz (as well as specialized cores and accelerators), compared to a commercial device powered by a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor at 1.3 GHz. They did not say it, but it’s got to be the Nvidia Tegra 3 since this is the only ARM Cortex A9 Quad-core processor with products available on the market today.

In this  benchmark, the devices handle 3 tasks simultaneously:

  • Rendering 20 web pages
  • Downloading videos
  • Play a MP3 file

The result is quite amazing, even hard to believe, with the OMAP 5 rendering the 20 pages in 95 seconds whereas it took the NVidia Tegra 3 over 200 seconds. I’m sure we’ll get an explanation of this performance difference at MWC 2012.

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