Nightly Builds for AllWinner A10 U-boot, Linux Kernel and Hardware Packs

Kent of SCUZ Technologies has graciously provided a build machine (Intel Xeon E5645) for Rhombus Tech (and possibly other) open source projects, and I’ve setup nightly build scripts for AllWinner A10 kernel, bootloader (u-boot) and hardware packs for Mele A1000 (HDMI), Mele A1000 (VGA), A10 mini PCs (using MK802 script.bin) as well as a server build for Mele A1000.

The nightlies are built using script which is available in github, and can be downloaded from

The resulting files are copied to a dropbox folder, until a better solution is found.

For each build, you’ll find the following files :

  • u-boot.bin – U-boot
  • sun4i-spl.bin – U-boot SPL
  • uImage – Kernel image
  • product_YYYY.MM.DD.log (e.g. mele-a1000_2012.07.20.log) – The build logs whether the build succeeds of fails. One per hardware pack.
  • product_hwpack_YYY.MM.DD.log ( e.g. mele-a1000_hwpack_2012.07.20.7z) – The hardware pack with the kernel, u-boot which can be used with script to create an SD card image or make a bootable SD card.

There are currently 4 hardware packs available:

  • mele-a1000_hwpack_YYYY.MM.DD.7z – For Mele A1000/A2000 with HDMI output
  • mele-a1000-vga_hwpack_YYYY.MM.DD.7z – For Mele A1000/A2000 with VGA and Composite output (Hopefully, we’ll eventually find a way to have just one image for HDMI, VGA and composite)
  • mk802_hwpack_YYYY.MM.DD.7z – For A10 mini PCs such as MK802, AK802, Zero Devices Z802, Uhost, Oval Elephant… (The kernel crashes at boot time for now – See issue 46)
  • mele-a1000-server_hwpack_YYYY.MM.DD.7z – For Mele A1000/A2000. This image located in the “server” directory does not support video output, but provides 512 MB RAM for Linux.

If you already have an SD card with your own rootfs and files installed, and do not want to delete those files, but still want to update u-boot, the kernel and the kernel modules, you can run the following command:

If you want to create a bootable SD card,  get a rootfs of your choice (see bottom of that post) and run the command like:

There are two goals to build those nightlies. First, make sure the source code can build, and second provide binaries to people who want to test the latest kernel, but do not have the time to build their own. If this needs improvements, comments are welcome.

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