Leap Motion Demos: AirHarp and Hands-Free Quadrator

The Leap Motion, a 3D gesture recognition USB device, has been announced in May, but developer kits have only recently been sent out to… developers, and lots of demo has started to pop up, many of which are posted on Leap Motion Facebook page.

My favorite demo is the Airharp which, as the name implies, is an harp controlled by finger gestures you do in the “air”, as it demonstrates both the accuracy and responsiveness of the Leap Motion.

The project  is written by Adam Somers, Senior Software Engineer at Universal Studio and Stanford Alumni, who released both the binary and source code for this demo:

  • AirHarp 0.1 – Binary built against Leap SDK v. 0.6.6 that lets you add & remove strings, cycle through scales and toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode.
  • The source code for the Airharp which uses muskit, a C++ toolkit for music applications, both of which are available on github.

The second demo features a quadrator (Parrot AR Drone) controlled by hand gestures. The guys at labViewHacker managed to setup this demo within 24 hours, by “wrapping the C# code into LabVIEW”. The first part of the video briefly shows the content of the Leap Motion kit, then they explain how they did the modifications and finally the demo!

They are more demos on Leap Motion Facebook page including Doom, Quake and Unity3D demos.

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I cancelled my pre-order of the leap motion.

As it is it’s a useless device.

It needs to grow in size and distance.